Would a man in leggings be just as appropriate as a woman in them?

Asked by: Markwnjr
  • They are just pants....

    I am sorry to everyone who is offended by pants but if someone wants to wear leggings then they should be able to. It is THEIR choice of what they want to wear, because it is THEIR body. I'm not saying that it would be in the greatest interest of everyone to wear leggings to public events or school, but if you want to, wear leggings and be proud of them!

  • Pants are pants.

    As unfortunate as the side effects are. As with everything their is a reason that leggings exist. Leggings are a lighter clothing choice than most pants, and are less obtrusive than basketball shorts and others.
    Now as a counter to some arguments others may bring up, Wearing leggings is not nudity, and while it may be revealing, it is no more illegal than a someone wearing a leotard. And with that, I say Pants are pants

  • Neither a Man or a Woman should wear leggings as pants.

    So a girl can basically paint her clothes on showing every crease, crack, crevis, bounce, jiggle, camletoe, cleavage but would it be okay for men to wear pants with an additional sleeve for their dick? What if I was just standing at a street corner all casual with a giant erection just poking straight out for everyone to see like women do..... It's no different! How would it be? You think a ban on leggings in schools is ridiculous because it isn't "the girls fault, it's the boys fault for looking" well let's send our sons to school wearing those pants and let's see the effect on those GIRLS!! Fact is , when you wear them, you're NAKED and public nudity is a crime! The pants are border line naked. It's inappropriate. Have some decency for yourselves women.

  • It's just stupid

    I think pants should not be see through and it is not appropriate for girls or boys to be wearing such revealing and obtrusive clothes. I think all schools should ban legging being worn by themselves because there is no self respect that people are showing by wearing these type of tight see through clothes.

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