Would a merger between Dollar General/Dollar Tree and Family Dollar hurt customers?

  • Yes, it surely would

    I like all the stores and I like to shop at them all separately. Especially when one store doesn't have what I want, one store would. I love Dollar Tree they have some high quality items for only a dollar. I would hate for prices to change because of this. But we all know thats what would happen.

  • They would hurt walmart

    These stores United would drive down cost through synergies and allow for more buying power which would allow them to offer better selections to customers. These retailers rather compete with Walmart and amazon rather then each other. As you see with family dollar emproving after dollar tree merger DG and family dollar are the same format DG is a nicer store but Dollartree has no direct competition

  • A Dollar General and Family Dollar Store Merger Will Help Customers

    A potential merger between Dollar General/Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores will benefit both customers greatly. The buying power of both combined will provide better inventory levels and savings to customers. The merging of the two will prevent one chain from going out of business and save and create jobs in the communities the stores serve.

  • No, it won't

    Both businesses aren't doing very well and I think a merger is definitely better than both chains closing their doors. Some of the stores may close if they compete with each other, but for low income people the existence of the chain will still be very welcome. Hopefully they can continue to compete against the big box stores.

  • Dollar General merging

    No I do not think that a merger between these stores will hurt customers. They are all pretty much the same store under a different name. They offer the same products for just about the same prices. I do not see how this would hurt the customers to not have to choose between Dollar General or Family Dollar.

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