Would a nationwide change making year-round school mandatory and eliminating summer vacations be tolerable?

  • It works at my school.

    We have three months learning followed by one month break. All students have access to learning during breaks through computers, private learning centres, etc. What is more beneficial about the three breaks each year is the chance to recover our immunity when we close the school. We are all less sick and the District saves money on sick days. Students attend more school days, too.

  • More learning time for all students

    Many schools have already added significantly more days to the year. It's time to equalize the quantity of education nationwide. A lot of learning can take place in those additional 30 or 40 days. It also has the benefit of giving teachers more nights to assign homework. The 300 hours could generate many more hours devoted to learning in the form of homework.

  • HecK YES! !

    Schools in Canada have traditionally operated on a 10-month system. This was established when the country was still a largely agrarian nation and children were often needed to work in the fields during the summer (Campbell, 2012). Times have changed, and for some teacher and students summer is not what it used to be; schools across the globe are switching to year round schooling (Sagan, 2012). Instead of having a two month summer break, students now have a number of shorter breaks throughout the year. Year round schooling has proven to have significant benefits such as the reduction of summer learning loss, more breaks throughout the year resulting in lifestyle improvements especially for lower income families.
    While students and teachers alike crave the long, lazy days of summer, the two month break between the beginning and end of the school year may not always be a good thing (Pearce, 2011). The year round calendar provides two unique academic benefits: Students are not subject to learning loss that results after the long summer break and the teachers are able to cover more topics without having to provide a lengthy review after a long summer break (Davey, 2008). Teachers who participated in a pilot study at the Roberta Bondar Public School found that they were able to start teaching Grade 8 students a new geometry unit immediately following the shorter break. Under the traditional school calendar it would take three weeks of review after summer break before students were ready to conquer new math concepts (Stechyson, 2010).
    An Aug. 06 2010, Globe and Mail article entitled, Students in year-round schools do better, by Natalie Stechyson, revealed that the retention rate of students that have shorter breaks during the year is better than those with the summer vacation (Stechyson, 2010). When students retain the knowledge they learned prior to the breaks, teachers can use the class time more effectively. Not only can the teacher move to new topics quicker, they can use the additional time to provide remedial help to those who need it (Huebner, 2010). Studies show that students who are influenced socio-economic factors that may cause poor performance in school were performing better with more time to get help during the school year. In one study, Alexander, Entwisle, and Olson (2007) found that low-income students made similar achievement gains to other students during the school year; the widening of the achievement gap between the two groups occurred over the summer (Alexander, Olsen, Entwisle, 2007). The test results speak for themselves:
    In writing, 90 per cent met or exceeded provincial standards compared to 70 in the board and 67 per cent in the province. For reading, 86 per cent were at or above provincial standard compared to 67 per cent in the province and 69 per cent at the board. And for math, 86 per cent met the standard compared to 63 per cent of students in the province and 62 in the board (Stechyson, 2010).

  • Year round schooling

    Kids will have a better learning experience. Kids with learning better will have a better chance of learning. Plus we wont have that long break and have to relearn everything over. Plus we continuously you wont have to worry about the kids forgetting anything. My vote is yes just because I think kids will learn better.

  • Four separate two week long vacations/year in addition to breaks for holidays

    Decreasing the time children spend away from the classroom would prevent knowledge loss, allow time for more topics to be taught, and reduce the chances for deviant behavior that may result in life changing consequences. During the summer, children do not have to practice and utilize the information they gained in the previous academic year, allowing much of that knowledge to be forgotten. Increasing the amount of days children are in school would broaden the general curriculum, expanding the intelligence of our children. Also, during the summer months is when many children fall prey to groups that participate in deviant behavior such as doing drugs, partying all night, and other behaviors that could be harmful to children's wellness.

  • It is appropriate

    The increased competitive social and economic world creates the demand for year round school. As a recent graduate myself, I have a recent perspective of board of education's contribution to my ongoing education in college. The decrease in practices and cognitive abilities over the the summer are what gives European and Oriental nations an advantage.

  • Really, it is a blessing.

    As a home-schooled student in high school, I never really get a summer vacation, and because of this I do not have to spend as much time in the fall trying to remember all I had forgotten. Because of this, I am able to learn more in the regular school year. This also helped me to feel less stressed when it came to the PSAT, because I had longer to develop good studying patterns and a love for the subject I was learning. I understand that this may be a hard change for some, but trust me it is really a blessing once you get use to it.

  • This would be better for us!

    We students would be provided with a more global educational experience from this! Also, this would relieve stress on teachers and students during the school year and reduce the amount of time teachers have to use at the beginning of the school year to go over topics reviewed the previous year.

  • It is so sad that our society doesn't recognize what would really be best for our children!

    Any real research on this subject will tell you that this is a significant reason that American Schools don't measure up to schools in other industrialized nations. Most other nations just do not take 3 consecutive months off. I work in a school. I LOVE having summer off. But when we come back from having 10-12 weeks off school, we spend 6+ weeks testing kids to figure out what they forgot and reviewing material they used to know (and just so you know it isn't just the 'at-risk' kids who forget stuff over the summer)! This amounts to a whole lot of wasted time during a child's school career where they could be mastering new material.The only arguments I see here against year round school boil down to this: #1 'the kids need a break." Most experts agree that this concept is based on outdated developmental and medical theory. #2 "we like summer vacations." No one is really suggesting we never take vacations; only that we don't take off 3 consecutive months. Such drastic changes in schedules and expectations are shown to be more stressful than minor changes. In addition, most parents actually have to work during the summer. So the children are either in summer camp, day care, or left to their own devices. Most students are not from "affluent schools" where they can "travel"and "attend day camps." And 4H and Scouting can be done on an extra curricular basis (you don't need the whole summer off school to raise a hog?!?) However, the real reason we do not have year-round school is not that parents or children would be unhappy, the real reason we do not have year-round school is purely financial!!!

  • Countries with year round schooling score far higher on the international education ratings

    Summer is far too long a time to take off school. Kids need to use their brains to keep them functioning, work that has been
    Earned is forgotten and teachers waste the first few months for school revising forgotten work.

    Kids do need breaks but to have more frequent breaks during the year would be more beneficial than one big long one.

    Summer vacations are only tradition because in the old days the kids were needed to help on the farms. This is no longer valid so long summer holidays no longer make sense.

    Kids do not need summer to go on summer camp, in my country schools are year round and students go on school camp each year. Kids get weekend jobs and vacations are taken on one of the many shorter breaks during the year.

  • I oppose the year-round school year.

    I oppose the year-round school year because the kids need a break, too.

    Posted by: N Cotton
  • The problem is the attitude of Americans, not the lack of schooling.

    It isn't because of the amount of time we spend in school, it's because American students don't care about schooling as much as other countries do. Look around you, how many kids say they enjoy school? Not alot, if you wanna make schooling better you have make a better atmosphere for learning, not put them in the same boring routine for a longer period of time. Besides summer vacation is to much a part of an American child's life. To take it out would to make things seem like hell, plus why would you go on how easy it would be for parents? I mean they aren't the ones losing the vacation.

  • We need a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need a break away from our teachers and to get to spend some time with our families. I love the traditional way to schooling and i think that changing it for public schools is just insane!

  • I think kids today still need a break from school.

    Although school summer vacation originated as a break so farm kids could help with the harvest, I think it's a worthy tradition. Kids today still need a break from the routine of school in order to develop their imaginations and hopefully burn off lots of energy. I don't think the break has to be in summertime, but attending year-round would really lead to burn-out.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • Our children are already exposed to so much in such a short time without added pressures of year around school.

    Kids today are exposed to so much due to the expansion and the evergrowing electronics world. The world these kids live in is not the same world many of us lived in 20 to 40 years ago. They are not shielded from the evil things this world has to offer. They are exposed to everything almost instantly as it happens, not only in this country but around the world. Having children go to school 12 months out of the year would only put more pressure on them and expose them to harmful situations, and we would probably see a substantial increase in teen suicides and an increase in depression.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • I am opposed to year-round schools because I don't believe that the problems we have with our education system will be fixed that way.

    As a former public school teacher in a large urban district, I understand that the argument can be made for year-round schools because of knowledge that can be lost by at-risk children over summer vacation. However, it was my experience as a teacher that everyone involved in education, students and teachers alike, needs a chance to have an extended period of down-time (summer vacation). Teachers, myself included, use part of the summer vacations for professional development courses, workshops, etc, and part of the time to simply relax and recharge. My district provided lots of opportunities for the students to continue to learn during the summer, which the students took advantage of. Students in more affluent areas learn so much more on summer vacation, whether traveling or going to day camps, than can ever be learned by spending more time in the classroom. Eliminating summer vacations would not only be intolerable; it would be inhumane.

    Posted by: B3llHulk
  • No

    Year round child care? Are you kidding! A child should be spending more time with their families. The summer time is that time to visit grandparents, be in 4H, scout camps and just being a child. I thought child labor laws were enacted to protect our children. Playing in the yard or creek. Reading the books they want to read.
    Japan has reformed their education system due to the stress and disrespect they see in their children. Of course the parental and government push to be the best and be rated #1 world wide is causing more problems with depression, drugs and alcohol in kids. Technolgy is beneficial but it is turning our children into zombies.
    Yes I want my kids to succeed but at what cost. A push back to basics in the elementary level would increase our standing in the worldwide arena. Studies show that children post world war ll had a higher standard of education than our children do today. Our kids cannot even write a proper letter. Allow the teachers to teach their subjects and get rid of state assesments! Now are kids are mandated to do summer homework in all areas of study without the benefit of a teacher and graded on those efforts within the first week of school. Mom and dad had better go back to school and get their teaching degree so that we can educate our kids during the summer. Maybe we should go back to one room school houses. I know my mother got a better education than my kids are getting now.
    Remember that old 70's bumper sticker "crime wouldn't pay if the government ran it". I think the same runs true in education.
    Yes the school calendar was based on the needs of the farming community in days past but I still live in a rural community where the kids benefit from working with animals, growing food and yes playing in the hay loft and in the creek. How much of our food in the next 50 years will of neccessity come from over seas due to the death of the family farm and yes it takes a degree in agriculture these days to keep these farms running. It is time for the parents to demand the education our children need after all we are paying for it.Sorry for the rant!

  • All of my life, school has been out during the summer. There is no reason to change it now. It's probably up for debate because parents who should not have had children in the first place want a year round babysitter. Leave it alone!

    The government is trying to get our children at a younger age so they can indoctrinate them, and now they want them year round? There are too many changes for the worse going on in my beloved USA right now. I had not heard of this issue, but I guarantee I will definitely get involved now. The "evidence" is that there has always been a summer break. Most families plan their vacations around the school schedule. Besides, this should be handled at the local level, not national. Too much government!

    Posted by: CarIEats
  • Instituting nationwide year-round school years would not be tolerated because there would be opposition on both sides.

    Instituting nationwide year-round school years would not be tolerated because there would be opposition on both sides. First, there would be opposition from students and parents to such a law. For obvious reasons, students want and enjoy their summer vacations. At the same time, a lot of parents, tend to schedule summer vacations for their family during this time. Second, there would be opposition to this rule by some teachers. There are teachers who like the traditional academic calendar and would prefer to have their summers off. In effect, a nationwide policy that changes the academic calendar year would not be tolerated even though year-round schedules do have their merits.

    Posted by: SandDari
  • I oppose to getting rid of summer vacation, children need time to de-stress from school and just be kids.

    Kids cannot just stay in school all year round, they need to expand their minds doing other things as well. Summer allows children to find something else for them to be interested in. Its important that kids don't just get overstressed with academics. While school is very important for building minds it is not something that needs to be done all year. There are other ways to learn.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite

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