Would a nuclear-armed Iran pose an intolerable threat to world oil markets?

  • Oil yes

    There are so many countries in the Middle East the we as the world relly on them. Coutries in the Middle east that Iran is looking to over power give us the oil we need everyday to do things. they will not pose a threat to the oil at the begging but when they start to take your oil from the weapons they have you will realise that they affected the oil supply

  • Yes, a nuclear-armed Iran would pose an intolerable threat to world oil markets, because they are too unstable.

    Yes, a nuclear-armed Iran would pose an intolerable threat to world oil markets. We do not want an unstable country, like Iran, having access to nuclear weapons. We can not trust them, and we can't be sure that they would avoid hurting us where it might count.

    Posted by: NorChiquita
  • If Iran had nuclear weapons, they would want to keep the oil for themselves, and would have the power to do so.

    The world is running low on resources, as the population of the planet increase. Iran is known for having a large amount of the world's oil. If Iran had nuclear weapons, they could better keep the oil for themselves by protecting it with their advanced technology. This would, in turn, damage the world oil markets and affect drastically our everyday way of living.

    Posted by: AnnoyedDong77
  • I do believe that a nuclear-armed Iran poses an intolerable threat to world oil markets, because of the country's long history of throwing its weight around.

    Because Iran has previously used its stronghold on the world oil market to punish and reward other countries, I do believe that attaining nuclear capabilities would make the country a real threat.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Iran has no business having nuclear weapons, and they would be a threat to everyone if they did.

    Iran is very unstable, and is not a country that I would feel comfortable with having nuclear weapons. Sure, the government will say what pleases everyone, but, by the time a nuclear weapon is launched at someone else, no matter what the reasoning behind it, it's already going to be too late. Oil prices would go through the roof, and would make today's prices look extremely cheap.

    Posted by: R04chGrov
  • I believe that a nuclear-armed Iran is a threat to world oil markets because they are strategically positioned in the middle east to be able to exert power over both the middle east, as well as south Asia.

    Iran is strategically positioned in the middle east to be able to exert power over both the middle east, as well as south Asia. The land route from east to west runs right through Iran, and the water route goes near it. Any nuclear weapons would embolden Iran to control the area, further allowing for less free trade in the area.

    Posted by: ThoughtfulNapoleon
  • They will use them

    Iran hates Israel and will use them when they get a missal that will deliver it

  • A nuclear-armed Iran does pose a threat to world oil markets.

    A nuclear-armed Iran could possible pose a considerable threat to world oil markets. It is unclear what an Iran with nuclear capabilities would do, and steps should be taken to ensure that Iran is not allowed to build up a nuclear arsenal. Nuclear warfare is an extremely dangerous threat and actions should be taken to prevent it in any manner.

    Posted by: MannP4rk
  • Nuclear weapons seldom improve any situation.

    I don't believe that there are many things that would be better if Iran was was armed with nuclear weapons. In general, I think a general nuclear disarmament would improve most global conditions, including the economic concerns regarding oil. A nuclear armed Iran would certainly pose a large threat to the costs of oil. Nuclear weapons give countries an over-exaggerated sense of power. I believe if Iran had weapons of mass destruction, they would use this sense of power to demand more money for their much sought-after oil.

    Posted by: KKinney
  • Yes, a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a threat to world oil markets because a lot of countries are dependent on Iran for their oil.

    If we upset Iran, no more oil for us. That's basically my answer in a nutshell. Not only us, but also the rest of the world. We need oil for the time being, which is sad with all of the pollution it is putting into the environment.

    Posted by: LorenaH
  • Oil Markets Safe

    I believe that a nuclear armed Iran would more likely set their goals and effort toward Israel. While they have the ability to possible take over some oil supply networks, I do not feel like toppling their markets really aligns with their true interests. Iran is more about causing local damage, not worldwide damage.

  • No it does not.

    There is no reason to believe that if Iran has nuclear weapons that it will affect the oil market. If Iran has weapons that will not make them gain or loose anything, unless in the case of an attack on them because of the treat that they pose to the global community.

  • I feel that a nuclear-armed Iran would only impose a stability threat to the Middle East and not a threat to the oil supply.

    If Iran were to be able to make nuclear weapons I feel that they would be more of a threat to the Middle East rather than a threat to the world's oil supply. The president of Iran has made threats against Israel by stating that he would wipe them off the face of the earth. And since Israel does not corner the market on the world's oil supply I find that Iran's threat to the world is very low. They are more of a hostile threat to world peace than they are a threat to the world's oil market.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • A nuclear-armed Iran would not be a threat to world oil markets.

    Iran with a nuclear bomb would still need to sell oil to the world. They could threaten the other Middle Eastern oil nations, but those countries would quickly counter with their own weapons of mass destruction or sign deals with nations with larger nuclear arsenals. For example, Saudi Arabia could sign a defense agreement with China and Russia to counter Iranian threats. Iran would need oil revenues with or without a bomb, threatening to cut off supplies to the rest of the world would only cause regime change in Iran.

    Posted by: 54mP5KryPto
  • No, I do not believe a Nuclear Iran is a threat to world oil markets.

    First off, there is no definitive evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. There is no evidence they are a threat. Despite the frantic mainstream media attention that is given to it, Iran has complied with the U.N. 99.9% of the time. Anyone could make the argument that armed nations such as the U.S. and Great Britain are a threat because they are nuclear, but do people do that? No, so why with Iran?

    Posted by: D Callahan
  • Pakistan, India and Israel all have their own nuclear weapons already, Iran possessing them would counterbalance these other regional powers.

    Dozens of countries already have nuclear weapons throughout the world and the only nation to ever use them in war was the United States. As the Cold War showed, the threat of mutually assured destruction often works to limit otherwise catastrophic conflicts from taking place. Iran's existence is already threatened by many aggressive and nuclear armed neighbors. An Iran with nuclear weapons would bring more stability to the region in the long run and provide safety for oil supplies of the region.

    Posted by: E Olson

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