• The Left wing have taken the Fascist crown!

    Fascism of old was described as Far Right, That has changed, Today there are hardly any real Far Right groups, Yes there's small pockets, But nothing widespread. Whereas the Left Wing has taken that crown, They will confront any group no matter their political leaning if that group does not fit in with the Left wing Marxist ideologies, They are prepared to become violent, They cover their faces dress in black in a paramilitary fashion, They term people as xenophobes and racist as a matter of course and gaslighting is rampant and this will lead to violence verbal or physical if challenged successfully.

    They are quick to label ordinary people as Far Right if they complain about immigration or open borders, Or Islam and terrorism even if these people are very much affected, Even though the numbers arriving here are unprecedented, And a rape epidemic is occurring across the country and many cities and towns have no go areas, Or the large numbers of people that are affected by terrorism.

    The Left Wing are supposedly anti pollution, Anti capitalist, Environmental warriors and champions of climate change, But completely ignore the fact that the sheer numbers arriving here in Europe are having a detrimental environmental effect, The immigrants are coming from low carbon footprint countries into our high carbon footprint countries. They are also being funded by the very Capitalists and Banksters they are supposedly against, Especially George Soros and his NGO's, Some of these uber wealthy people are the very ones destroying the planet via their factories, Industries, Mining, Wars, Poverty, Deforestation and pollution of the air, Seas and land, And this is where you start getting the picture that the Left wing is sort of divided into sections each sort of blinded to the other, On one side the environmental do-gooders and on the other side the violent fascists, They even call themselves anti fascists ANTIFA, Hope Not Hate, Momentum, Socialist Workers Party most are antithesis to their names or stated aims!

    God help you if you want to support UKIP which they term as Far Right, But is nothing of the sort, Just a center ground political party with policies the Left do not like, The Left wing is part of the attack being vested on the white races of Europe and are being backed up via the MSM which is mostly Left wing driven being largely owned by the same Capitalists, Then we have the EU and the Globalists again the same Capitalists and Banksters behind the facade.

    The Left wing are the thugs on the ground floor doing the dirty work, Even their main political party Labour cannot hide their fascism, Racism or that they have dumped their working class grass roots, With Diane Abbott calling White people a problem, And several members overtly anti Jewish, Jack Straw even stated the "The English race are a race not worth saving". The Left wing are a massive problem across Europe and particularly in the UK.

  • One-World government would solve everything.

    Nationalism has only got people killed and a one-World government would stop that because "patriotism" is only an excuse for racism, Radicalism and crimes against humanity if all nations were removed all these issues would be gone forever. And that is why I support a one-World Government Ladies and gentlemen.

  • It is a great idea

    Nationalism has only got people killed and a one-World government would stop that because "patriotism" is only an excuse for racism, Radicalism and crimes against humanity if all nations were removed all these issues would be gone forever. And that is why I support a one-World Government Ladies and gentlemen.

  • It's a good idea, By some circumstances.

    If we become a global government, We can share money (trade) better, As a unified association of countries. This would help with poverty and low-incomed countries, As of today.

    Plus, It would be a great living, As hundreds of cultures would come together and interact with each other, Lessening crime and personal differences, With a possibility to lead to peace, To an extent.

    Finally, It would be a better system, If it was formed by a democracy of where every country had a vote and say in everything of matters, Fairly. Plus, Traveling would be easier, If the countries are willing to.

  • What is wrong with Tradition.

    Why change how things have been going for a long time. Sure there have been a few issues here and there between countries but merging into one country would only make ourselves more open to attacks. If our enemies become part of our own government then we will only be setting ourselves up for our own deaths.

  • No it would collapse within Ten years at most.

    The only way this would survive is a Dictatorship. Hindu's and Chinese hate Muslims and have fought, Killed, And oppressed each other for centuries this can't just be swept under the rug. People love their own culture, Religion, Language, And traditions and if this were to become a reality. Places like Europe and the US would be overrun by Muslim and Hispanic migrants slowly losing all of those values which would cause tension and rebellion. Now the government would be in constant chaos trying to get what I would assume to be either a Confederation or Federation to agree on anything would be hard. It would be like the chaos of the UN or EU on steroids everyone would fight for resources and funds from the state. Eventually these countries would slowly begin to gain autonomy until they break away. If this state is a dictatorship the collapse would look like Yugoslavia with war between the world government and rebelling states and states fighting other states with ethnic cleansing happening all over the world.

  • Government would be useless and powerless

    If the whole world was under one government, Then the government would be pointless. 1. The land that government controls would be too much, And the government would not be able to address many portions of the nation. 2. Patriotism would not cause conflict, And sectionalism would replace patriotism basically. 3. Most of the world would have to be autonomous. 4. There are going to be a lot of rebels that want to be within their own nation. 5. Communist uprisings would likely appear in regions like China and Vietnam. (Granted, Not a bad thing but it would start to destabilize the regions). 6. Language would be a big issue because there could be not official language. 7. A single, Worldwide currency, Would have to established likely, And would be extremly difficult.
    Although having a one government ruling the world would stop war between nations since only one nation would be left, There would still be plenties of civil wars. Also, Nationalism would still be a very big thing. Many different cultures would want freedom. For example, The Scottish, Americans, Russians, Egyptian, Irish, Etc.

  • Whole world CHAOS

    If we had a one-world government then more people would commit crimes because the government couldn't stop them all. The government could be handling a bigger problem so the criminals can commit serious crimes and the government can't do anything about it. Why would the whole world gather under one gov't? We all have different opinions. Don't put us all together under one roof or everyone will fight.

  • No. Just no.

    Frankly, If there ever was a world government, It would either be as ineffectual as the UN (if not moreso), Be horribly fascist or communist, Or would fall apart in days. Nationalism is treated as a bad thing when it's just nature. In fact, If some countries were more nationalistic and less religious *cough*Afghanistan*cough* those countries would be heavily improved. Globalism ruins the world for literally every country that it touches. If it's inevitable, It's to be mitigated. Embracing multiculturalism will erode cultures, Whether African, Native American, European, Asian, Or whatever the hell your culture is. And even if it was authoritarian enough to last, I hope the rulers enjoy frequent assassinations, Bombings, And other forms of terrorism. In fact, Global anarchy would be preferable, Since going straight to anarchy would be better than a failed global government fucking everything up and going to anarchy anyways because one pissed off man who stole a sniper rifle or one really good bomb maker was in the right place at the right time. It'll be even harder with the advent of the internet making communication easier, And if the internet is regulated, They'd take the freedom found on the internet and put it to reality.

  • This is never going to happen. Period.

    There are 195 countries on the planet, Each with a different system of government catered to their citizens' needs. For a one-world government to be successful, You need to be able to reach a consensus with everyone, Which is guaranteed to be impossible with a sample size that large. If, For some reason, A one-world government were to suddenly come into existence, This would be the perfect catalyst to start World War III.

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