Would a peaceful god create carnivores and make meat taste so much better than plants?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Its called the food chain look into it.

    For an ecosystem to work and retain biodiversty it has to have balance. With only herbivores you would have a shortage of vegetation since the herbivores would become predators with no predators. In turn they would just kill themselves out by making any food source they run into minuscule and there would be no ecosystem left. You can see this with the Asian Carp which has no predator in the US and is making a lot of species borderline extinct because of this process.

  • It's just natural.

    Carnivores and omnivores naturally need meat to survive. This is why the have a natural hunger for it. Some humans attempt to substitute certain vegetables in place of meat, though it may give the person the nutritional needs, it goes against the natural urge to eat meat so it does not taste as good.
    Whether you call it god's intent or just nature, it all goes with the circle of life. Every creature eats something else and every creature is eaten by something else. That includes humans, though we try to keep that from happening with modern burial techniques, it is clear that we too are intended to be consumed by other creature whether that be other carnivores or worms. There is nothing wrong with doing what comes natural so why would wrong for an omnivore, like man, to eat meat?
    Another funny thing is, studies have shown that plants can feel pain as well. Some other studies even show that plants can actually hear themselves or other plants being eaten.
    Guess that means, no matter what you eat, you cause suffering. Might not want to eat that salad around your house plants.

  • Who says meat tastes better than plants?

    Whether someone thinks meat tastes better is merely an opinion. Second, God did make everything peaceful, but we rebelled and he took the peace away. But no worries, he's promised to bring peace back to the planet in the form of Jesus the Prince of Peace. God bless you all.

  • A peaceful god wouldnt set things up to where there couldnt be peace. Thats a contradiction.

    People think its so horrible when a person gets beheaded which happens so fast its painless. But then they go fishing and bring their fish home and skin or scale them alive. The only thing that makes it wrong to hurt a human is that they feel pain. Animals feel pain also so why not extend human rights to animal rights. Why is it acceptable to hurt fish but not humans? There is another difference though but it wont work to the no guys advantages which is what we deserve. Humans "know" right from wrong and they do "wrong" anyways while animals are blameless. People are said to have free will where animals dont. So if anyone deserves to be on the bottom of the food chain it is humans. If anyone deserves to be skinned alive like a fish it is humans. So i would say if anything it is worse or just as bad to hurt animals as it is humans no matter what you believe. If you disagree with this then you are contradicting yourself.

  • A peaceful god wouldnt allow killing

    God prefers bloodshed to plantbased see abel and cains story. He allows and prefers ritual slaughter and also supports holy wars. A peaceful god wouldnt create so much evil. A peaceful god wouldnt create things with a destructive nature. A peaceful god wouldnt allow suffering and torment and he wouldnt allow the marriage of underage girls.

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