• If it is possible

    There is no reason why they shouldn't be kept. The only reason they escaped Jurassic Park was to make an action movie. In real life it would be like keeping giant crocodiles and lizards. But have to make sure the exclosures are secure.

    The only problem would be conditions. Prehistoric mammals would be easiest to keep.
    The reason reptiles and insects don't grow so big is due to different atmospheric conditions. It wouldn't be too hard to replicate carboniferous conditions in large bug houses.
    The thing is, if you could breed or brin back giant reptiles, would they survive in current conditions? Or is either of those possible, they just couldn't form naturally?

    If it was possible, of would just be like keeping animals today, only bigger.

  • Yes It Would be

    If you have seen Jurassic park, you know that the dinosaurs escape. The only reason they escaped was when Denis shut down the power to mostly everything. I think that there should be a place that people can fly over and admire creatures that are millions of years old including the t rex.

  • Yes it would.

    A prehistoric zoo would be a good idea. This would give the opportunity to teach a lot of people about dinosaurs and many other thing about how the world has changed since then. Any thing that helps people learn is a good idea as it makes them smarter then before.

  • Supposing We Can Bring Them Back

    If we are able to bring back prehistoric animals with DNA and in vitro fertilization, a prehistoric zoo is a great idea so we can study these creatures up close. Unlike real zoos that simply cage animals, a prehistoric zoo gets extinct animals back to life and protects them from modern animals in the wild.

  • I'd love to visit a dinosaur zoo!

    Yes, I think a prehistoric zoo would be a good idea. While Jurassic Park was an entertaining film, it's unlikely what it and its sequels decided what would happen, would actually happen. While it would be possible for some specimens to escape, they probably wouldn't last long in a modern natural environment, anyway. And we'd get to study life as never before witnessed by man.

  • It would be awesome.

    I'm sorry but it really would be amazing. I mean who in their right minds would say no to this? You could gather up your kids and be like hey guys! We're gonna go see some dinosaurs today! And they would say YAY! I'm sure we could learn from Jurassic Parks mistakes too. I think this would be an unbelievable idea! I'm all for it!

  • It would help scientist better understand those amazing prehistoric creatures, and also an amazing experience for anyone.

    It would be an amazing experience to future children like no other. Any adult would love the idea of having a real prehistoric creature in front of them, but i agree that none of the creatures should ever be released in the wild. It woould also help scientist learn so much more about their past and understand why they dissapeared. Wha do you think about this idea? Is it good or absurd?

  • Please respect nature

    It is unwise to build a zoo populated by prehistoric animals. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park (1993) presents compelling arguments about the danger of tampering with nature such as "Dinosaurs had their shot and nature selected them for extinction". I agree entirely with him on that. Nature must be respected instead of manipulated.

  • No, a prehistoric zoo would not be a good idea.

    No, a prehistoric zoo would not be a good idea. This was already tried in the year 1993 and lead to at least five deaths and put the lives of others in extreme danger. Doctor Ian Malcom, a man well known for his controversial "Chaos Theory" was horribly injured. Doctor Allan Grant and his assistant Dr. Ellie Sattler, along with two children, Tim and Alex Murphey all experienced minor injuries. We also must never forget Donald Genarro, Dennis Nedry, John Arnold, and Robert Muldoon. May they rest in peace.

  • A prehistoric zoo would not be a good idea.

    A prehistoric zoo would not be a good idea. The purpose of a zoo is to be able to see real live animals that we can not keep as pets or normally see on a daily basis. I do not think a prehistoric zoo would be able to offer this and usually these are museums if you want to find out about the animals that used to live before we were born.

  • Watch Jurassic Park

    A computer genius will hack the security system to try to steal and sell dinosaur embryos on the black market. This would make all the dinosaurs on the island free to roam around and reproduce, trapping all humans on the island, which is a waste of money, eventually leading to a sequel and a third movie. It would be cool though.

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