Would a President Hillary Clinton pull the U.S. back to the center?

  • Combination of support for businesses and social issues

    Hillary Clinton's approach is rooted in common sense. She does not oppose implementing policies that benefit businesses. At the same time, she makes social issues her main platform. Plus, as a rich person herself, she has no problems practicing what she preaches. From 2001 to 2007, she paid 30% of her income in taxes. This is in comparison with Mitt Romney's 13%, which is well below the national average (for the middle class) of 15%.

  • Yes, She Could

    Hillary Clinton is very much a centrist. Her husband, Bill Clinton was a moderate Democrat and she is as well. The Republicans and the media have pulled our country so far to the right that everyone else seems like a leftist radical. However, a 2016 Clinton presidency might restore the balance to the country's political spectrum.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton is an effective negotiator.

    I'm not sure what "back to the center" would mean, because it would depend a lot on where we are when she gets elected. Hillary Clinton does seem to be able to talk to just about anyone and get at least some cooperation. My impression of her is that she is far more liberal than Obama, but her years in the State Department have been non-political, non-partisan, and as such she has been able to gain skills at getting agreements and to understand opposing views and find a middle ground between them. Because of that, she has probably become a person better able to lead our country than she was before that experience. It will be curious to see what kind of a platform she would run on this next time around.

  • Not Necessarily

    It is important to remember that, like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton is a pretty moderate Democrat. This means she is still far right on many issues. It will take a big progressive movement to shift the country back to any sort of balanced position when it comes to the politics of our government.

  • I would rather have Bill Clinton for a 3rd term.

    I like Bill Clinton, but Hillary? No, just no. She ruined her political career with Benghazi and her saying "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE"?! Has become a viral meme that people are getting humor out of. Hillary isn't all that moderate. Her husband was much more moderate than she will ever be.

  • No way

    She would just be an Obama number 2! And no, Obama has not been a good President, debate me and find out why. Plus, if anything, the country's very far to the left already, we need another Ronald Reagan. Someone fair and reasonably unbiased. Most of our media is liberal, so they only drag America to the left further.

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