Would a rescource based economy be better for the people than our current corrup self destructing profit driven moentary economy?

Asked by: DBhundia
  • Money sucks !

    There's so many assholes in this world, but if we make our own resources, then those assholes will die of starvation hahahaha.

    Money sucks, everything based on money is shit, money is worthless, money is death. So yeah, never talk about this issue any more please because it is annoying.

  • We will not progress as a society if profit is all that people want!

    There is definitive proof that we have the technological capability to harness renewable energy sources such as wind, waves and solar that could last the ENTIRE world for millions of years, without having to burn a single ounce of fossil fuels ever again. The problem is, in the society that we live in everything that we do is driven by the desire for profit. When you look at the net worth of several oil corportations, it very often is higher than the GDP of entire countries. This means that they have complete influence over decisions made, as we have a monetary economy. Therefore, these oil companies, for fear of losing profit, make it impossible for the potential of these renewable sources to be exploited. For example, oil companies hold the patent for an electric car battery, making it extremly difficult to mass produce electric cars. Even though for the whole of humanity these would benefit us, the monetary economy means that they don't want this as it doesnt create profit. If we changed into a rescource based economy, there would be no money, meaning that energy wouldn't be sold to the highest bidder but shared equally to every human being for free, and our species will survive on this planet as not an ounce of fossil fuels will have to be burned.

  • Communism doesn't work. The modern middle class is the result of capitalism.

    For an economy to be profitable, people have to prioritise their own self interests. Competition in a free market ensures that prices and salaries remain near their true value. The modern middle class and high quality of life is the result of capitalism. In the middle ages, people did not prioritise the free market or trade. Later this changed, and rapid development and industrialisation followed.
    Communism requires handing absolute power to the government, even if supposedly for a limited time. But in reality, absolute power corrupts absolutely - there is not a single communist state that hasn't resulted in purges, dictatorship, oligarchy and suppression of all dissent.

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