• Change Can Be Good

    If Romney would have won the election there is the possibility that things might have improved. The thing to remember is the current leadership and direction was not working in the interest of the people. Change is never a sure thing but it is an opportunity to improve. Although there are points he spoke about that I do not completely agree with, he would have been supported with a good staff of advisers and made changes to current policy that could only help the country grow stronger.

  • Not even a little!

    The USA should face facts - boil away all of the rhetoric and anti-Obama sentiment, and Romney's platform was one thing - make rich people richer. This in no way would help our country. Rich people are not the "job creators" republicans claim. A Romney win would have made our class devision worse, and returned us to the economic downfall of the Bush administration.

  • No.

    Romney was actually very similar to Obama in most of his policies. The main difference was that he was a Republican and the Republicans have been trying to make Obama look bad so they can take power for themselves. Such a blatantly deceptive and cynical political doctrine hardly gives confidence in an improved America.

  • No a Romney win would not have improved America

    It really makes no difference whether a Republican or Democrat holds the office of the Presidency, we still get the shaft either way, always have. The only way we could ever truly improve America would be if we stopped voting for the same people every election who don't care about you, and voted for someone different who actually did. Until that happens, no new president is gonna improve America because the agenda of the state is to not do so.

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