Would a tax on churches diminish a church's ability to minister to its members?

  • Tax on churches diminish a church's ability to minister to its members

    Come on a tax on churches ??? Yes it would diminish a church's ability to minister to its members. that is one place a tax should never be these are people who are trying to do good with their lives they help others mentally each day I dont think tax should be anywhere near them.

  • That and more

    I am a pastor in a church that aids not only our members but many in the community around. We aren't particularly poor, but few of us have much money to spare. We give to a wide variety of causes, and are one of the churches in our area most likely to give aid to people who come to our door seeking it. Were we to be required to pay taxes on our building and/or our income, there would be much less money to help folks--the man whose children would not have had Christmas without us, the families who come to our doors looking for a meal. Our children would not learn to be servant people without our help. We exist to serve, and we are grateful for tax positons that help us do so.

  • Yes, a tax on churches would diminish their ability to minister to their members.

    Just as a tax on a business diminishes the business's ability to turn a profit, a tax on a church would diminish that church's ability to minister to its members. It can be debated whether that diminishment would be a reasonable sacrifice it in exchange for the increased tax revenues, but it is fairly obvious that decreasing the amount of money a church has available will in some way reduce its ability to perform its core mission.

  • Religion is the business of belief and should taxed accordingly.

    Lets raise some donations to help the needy.
    Fantastic idea, first we just need to up the collection to build a palace of worship.
    And then we will help the needy?
    Yep, right after the limos and the jet planes and sending missions to the far corners of the world to teach them condoms are evil.
    What about the needy?
    Soon my son, as soon as I pick up my Armani suit from the tailors.
    For God's sake when are we going to help the needy...
    Here take this million dollars and go help the needy.
    But there's only 20 dollars here, where's the rest?
    Well we needed a little hush money for all those kids buggered in the name of our lord.
    Ohhh crap we are all going to hell..
    You believe in hell?

    Think of how many more people could be helped if this kind of wastage was corrected.

  • No, not at all.

    A tax on churches would not diminish the church's ability to minister its members at all because they are one of the richest organizations on the planet in the first place. There should be a tax because it would help the national debt, and the churhc is rich enough to do so.

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