Would a truly just God send someone to Hell for not believing?

Asked by: WolfgangHertter
  • That would be just

    Believing implies more than just mere conviction. It demands action. James said show me your faith without works and I'll show you mine with works.

    When we fail to believe the message of the Bible, we ultimately fail to live up to the moral requisites of the Bible. It is therefore just to send a soul to hell for failing to treat his or her neighbor as the soul would have expected to be treated.

  • I'm guessing you're talking about THE God

    Well it's down in the scriptures. You have to believe in God and follow in his instructions. There is no ifs, buts or questioning of what he tells you to do. And you can't just stand there and say "I believe in God" you have to believe in him deep down in your heart and you can't say "I believe in God" then go and commit murder and think you will go to heaven. Killing someone would mean you disobeyed him and doesn't matter how much you believe in God in your heart because you have twisted the image of God and made a fool out of him by disobeying him. That's as far as I'm getting from studying Christianity.

  • Crime must either be punished or pardoned.

    According to scripture everyone is born with sin which we inherited from Adam. Even if we did not inherit sin everyone at some point in their life has or will sin. I will assert that sin equals crime so that I can use a legal scenario. If someone has committed a crime then he will either be punished or pardoned. Let's say that the crime was speeding. A man goes 55mph in 35mph zone but he never knew what the speed limit was. The police officer that pulled him over said "ignorance of the law is not justification for breaking the law". The American Judicial system will say it is just that the man be fined. Now the officer that pulled him over, let's just call him God, pays the fine for him. If the man either did not accept that the fine was already paid he would pay for it himself. In the same way God has paid for our sins. However if we deny that God has already paid then we will have to endure the punishment ourselves.

  • God is Perfect

    The God that you read of in the scriptures is a God who is just. If your mother was to be murdered, and the murderer was caught and sent to court, but the judge said, "You know... He probably isn't a bad guy um... Why would you execute him. He said he's sorry." you would feel outraged. Think about that.

  • God did not create hell

    God gave you a choice to love him, he does not send you there, but you choose to go there yourself by denying Him. He is a forgiving God and gives you every opportunity to love Him. Hell is just a separation from God, a decision that you must make yourself.

  • It's Really, Really Simple

    Tell me, who in this debate can say that he deserves heaven, and knows it in his heart? None? That's what I thought. God is beyond merciful for letting us even have a chance to get into heaven! He's beyond lenient and just, he is LOVING as a parent. As it says in scriptures, from the womb we come sinful. So to answer those of you who believe God is mean, you should think about what we've done to his world. We used to walk in the garden with him, and then basically said he should pack his bags. And then he loves us still? I think he is beyond just. He Is.

  • God has prepared the Gospel,And it is us that should accept it.

    For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God
    Romans 3:23
    All man have sinned,and will be laid under judgement,But through Christ,we may have our sins spared since God has prepared his Son,innocent but to be crucified on the cross for the price of sin is death.
    Why,Its as same as a person convicted of a crime,facing a punishment so heavy that he can't bear.And there comes an old man,with tears in his eyes telling him that,I've paid for your sins.Are you willing to come out with me?Do you trust me?
    There is no other way,Jesus said, "I am the Road, also the Truth, also the Life. No one gets to the Father apart from me. John 14:6
    Accept this gift from God,repent and accept this gift of grace and reconciliation for the end is near.
    P/S:Someone clearly does not understand the gospel,we are not a bunch of conservative naive people,we sincerely want to share with you The Lord's mighty grace.
    Sorry for my English,its my 4th Language.

  • To disbelieve is to misunderstand the nature of man and of God and the work of Christ.

    Scripture is clear that all men are born a sinful nature which binds him to incessant sin and disbelief. Both because of our specific sins and our very nature, all of us rightly deserve the just penalty due us by our holy Creator. That God is holy means that he exists uniquely in perfection above all his Creation as the only eternally triune God--the Father, Son and Spirit sharing of the same eternal essence yet fulfilling distinct roles. The smallest of sins is an affront to his eternal holiness and must be punished eternally to satisfy his perfect justice. And that anyone can escape this just penalty is because it was taken in substitutionary fashion by the 2nd member of the Trinity (Christ, the Son, fully God and fully man at the same time). On the cross the Father poured his just eternal wrath earned by sinful men upon Jesus Christ his Son, and in 3 hours the Savior fully bore every drop of this fiery cup of just indignation for sin. He then died to fulfill his final act of meritorious obedience which is granted in like substitution to the believing sinner such that eternal life will be enjoyed on account of his resurrection from the dead 3 days later.

    To not believe this Gospel as clearly revealed by God in the pages of His Word is to reject the most beautiful of remedies and to scorn the purest of delights. That Christ would die for your sin and be raised for your justification is a message worth more than all the wealth on earth a thousand times over.

    So, yes, God is just to send to hell those who reject such truth.

  • God is giving you a chance to atone for yourself. He is only forgiven when you ask and repent.

    Whether you believe or not is one thing but you must accept Jesus Christ as payment and pardon for your crimes or else you will go to hell. That's how you get forgiven. Since Jesus Christ did not sin and faced death, God will allow you enter heaven if you accept Jesus' sacrifice. If you do not you will not enter heaven. God respects our free-will and our decisions that is why he will not allow force anyone to go to heaven or hell if they do not choose to do so during their lifetime. You don't get anything wiped off you're permanent record without a pardon. That's Jesus.

  • God is a forgiving god.

    God is forgiving, and the choice to follow god is your choice but god has been proven seen to millions of people. Proof has been found such as the ARK, the cross, and all of the stories that have been passed down for many years. And just like telephone people change the stories. People in Egypt, Rome, Spain, Israel, and Greece have stone slabs that write that they've seen god and its true. GOD IS FOR REAL.

  • A truly just God... There's an idea.

    In scripture, a lot of bad stuff goes down. A guy is eaten by a whale. A city get's firebombed, and one lady looks back on it, and is turned into a salt pillar. Sorry, Christian scripture. And I suppose Jewish, as that's old testament. So if it's the Christian/Jewish God, you're screwed. If it's a JUST God, I don't think he will really care, as long as you're a nice enough person.

  • Of course not

    Sending someone to hell just because they don't worship them is cruel and unjust, it's just like with Jim Kong Un and North Korea, you don't worship or believe, you be punished for it. By a "god" sending non-believers to hell, this god would be sending 60% of the world to hell, that's more then half the planet, does that sound just?

  • An eternal punishment for a lifetime of 'sin' does not sound just to me.

    One life time, so, about 85 years is just a speck in comparison to eternity. One may not even be sentenced to more than a life sentence in prison for crimes that are far worse than simply disregarding or not even knowing the idea of a God.
    What about instances where one does not follow the correct religion or God, when someone simply isn't exposed to the idea of God, or isn't capable to understanding the concept of it? Will those people, despite the circumstances, also be sent to an eternity of punishment?

  • God is only love.

    God cannot be love and hate at the same time. These ideas are contradictory, meaning He would have to have a personality. God can not have a personality, otherwise he would be capable of taking decisions on the realm of the relative, meaning He could not be eternal. The relative is the realm of space and time.

  • A just god wouldnt punsih someone for not believing in a book written by men because men lie all the time for one

    Two nobody deserves eternal punishment. I find it hard to believe that a perfect god will let rapists murderers and thieves into heaven and send good people to hell for not beleiving. And if nobody is perfect then we dont have the free will to be perfect in which case our imperfections are not our faults. Also a just all powerful god wouldnt send an innocent person to suffer for the sins of other people. This is most definately not perfection and it isnt even decent. No wander christians have done so many horrible things. There god does horrible things and they are told hes perfect. If god wanted me to believe in the bible it wouldnt have influenced the torture of countless people for their beliefs. Followers wouldnt be so malevolent and the book wouldnt contradict itself and every other religion.

  • Concerning all religions who believe in a God or multiple deities...

    A truly just "God" would most certainly not send someone to hell simply for not believing in their existence. I say "God" because some people believe that there is only THE God, THEIR God, as in there are no others in existence but Him. This is fine to believe; after all, it's religion. You may believe what you like. However, long before Christianity or the idea that there is "THE God", that one sole creator of the universe, our ancestors were very spiritual people. While some of them believed in a singular God, others believed that it was a number of them; some believed that this force could not be named or fully understood/comprehended by the feeble mind of man. The point is that "God" falls under the broad spectrum of a loving and nurturing deity, seen throughout the ages throughout countless different cultures and ancient lifestyles. From a fatherly figure who teaches humans right from wrong, to a motherly deity who teaches her people how to love all of nature, they all unconditionally love their creations and ultimately love the wonder of life and its capabilities (remember that I speak this as a broad term; obviously, deities who were believed to wreak havoc cause distruction). Ergo, just because someone may say "Personally, I don't believe in them," that doesn't mean they would condemn them to eternal suffering. That would be more like a spiritual dictator who hates humanity than a loving, forgiving God. That, and if they created humanity in the first place, they did it so that we may discover what works for us, not the other way around. They should know well that we will believe what we think is right. No one should be told what's going to happen to them after they die by another. It is supposedly ultimately determined by what you make of your life, not by who you "belong" to.

  • No he dosnt

    Allah(SWT) does not send one to hell for being Kafir if they have done extraordinary and gratethings in there life time.Allah(SWT) is so kind he will allow some non-Muslims into heaven after the Resurection & Judgment. If before a person dies they have done evil and harm but says La Illa Il Allah Muhammad Rasoolu Allah. Before they die they will enter heaven with all sins forgiven and life starts for them in heaven perfectly. This is truly a just god.

  • But he would for other reasons

    Belief is not what a just god would judge you on. If for example, the only person you ever heard about the bible from was a slob, got into a lot of fights, and insulted everyone he saw, would you believe? Of course not. There are also many who have not heard about the bible. According to the christian faith, God also loves us unconditionally, and so the same question could be asked about a truly loving God. Since God loves us, he gave us free will. And one of the choices we can make is to reject God, and choose not to be with him. The absence of God is hell, and so God does not send us to hell, but rather we choose it.

  • That would include, all the Young Implicit Atheists, such as newly born and children who have not been introduced to God:

    The Implicit Atheists, namely the newly born, toddlers and even many teenagers who have never been introduced to God would all find themselves in Hell in that case.
    Hardly a fair judgement and would demonstrate that God is as the Bible describes itself, a Murderous, Omni-Malevolent, Narcissistic Megalomaniac. Though truth is, that if Hell does exist, most people on Earth will find all their better Relatives and Loved Ones in Hell, where only extremely Weird sniveling God's Sycophants would exist in Heaven, which is not the sort of people anybody would really want to spend an eternity with.
    Though since we could not feel pain after Death, Hell would not even be painful, it would be like a bright, happy meeting place for a massive family gathering. Because God forgot to let people take their Pain producing Structures (nerves and brain) with them.
    Because, Pain is actually a Brain Based Illusion, to protect our vital organs, nothing more.

  • No, I don't think that is justice

    God does not send us to hell for lack of belief. If you are sinless and believe in no god, then you could still enter heaven, but because no-one is, God made a sort of loophole: believing in him and his son. This is really what he seems to want out of man; companionship.

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jaksunmadness says2014-05-03T08:03:44.313
The idea that God is "Just" is not intertwined with the agreement of certain members of the human community. God is... God and what he says goes. It's that simple.