Would a U.S. assault on Syria invite another 9-11 or worse in retaliation?

Asked by: CyberTechie
  • It can but

    I think that the Syrian government or someone else would start firing chemical weapons at our soil and then we would have to wear gas masks, or worse. U.S. Government, please ensure that every one of your citizens, legal immigrants and so on get a gas mask. I hope it doesn't hit us.

  • USA should mind his own Business

    Why USA should attack Syria? If USA attack Syria they will make more enemy of the state. Simply it can start world war- III. Russia is sending their navy in the Mediterranean sea. And is strictly opposing it. It can be worst than the 9/11 attack. So USA should not attack Syria.

  • Al-Qaeda is losing to Syria

    Syria and it's allies are much strong than Al-Qaeda. If Al-Qaeda was successful in attacking us, how much more would Syria and it's allies be? I say much more, and more dangerous. I don't believe they are going to just let us just punch them and run. If Obama strikes them, I strongly believe they will strike back. Obama talks of just a small US strike against them. Like a sucker punch and run and that's all. What a joke. Those guys are going to figure out ways to strike the homeland in retaliation one way or another. Why go poke a stick at a vicious dog and not expect it try n rip your balls off???? If we go there and strike their homeland, it only seems fair to them to come and strike ours......

  • No, it wouldn't

    Using 9/11 is a very bad example considering that our own government did that to us - maybe if you were to say another world war or something else other than 9/11.

    By the way, Al Qaeda was originally a freedom fighter group that WE armed with our own resources, currency, and weapons. Al Qaeda and 9/11 are not good examples when talking about Syria - use something that's actually terrorism and not just our government being tools to their own country.

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