Would a White House 'green team' help on climate issues?

  • Yes, if was done right

    The idea that there could be a team of people working exclusively on climate issues gives great hope. If that "green team" is able to put politics aside and actually use known facts and science to combat the issue in a bipartisan manner, then yes, it could help on climate issues. If, however, it falls into a political trap, then it will just cause more problems.

  • Potentially

    It would be a nice step towards the push for acknowledging we need to do something that Obama hinted at in his inaugural speech. The existence of such a thing would imply more attentiveness and effort towards promoting a green culture that is actually feasible for the common person, something that is seriously lacking.

  • The Idea is Nice, But Has Failed in the Past

    The White House has tried several ways to promote progress on green issues and climate change. In the past they have created committees meant to work on issues surrounding global warming and its effects. We have seen very little success on these topics coming from the White House, so I don't have much faith in a 'green team.'

  • NO

    To be perfectly honest, most of the things that Americans can do to really help with climate change, we already have known about them for several years.

    A lot of the major stuff like recycling and buying green cars are nice, but for those of us that live in reality, such concepts are luxuries.

    The vast majority of green initiatives just wind up hurting the poor or giving people even more ways to look down on them, and the vast majority of things that are supposedly meant to help, like carbon credits, just end up being exploited by the wealthy so that they don't have to actually do anything about their own pollution.

    If you're anything but rich, you can take this to the bank: all these green initiatives that people talk about are only going to apply to you while the wealthy get a free pass. How? Because they can afford it.

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