Would a woman freely choose prostitution, if she had other options and fully knew it?

Asked by: Rafe
  • Some Women Do

    There are women out there who work as a prostitute or an escort who have chosen that career path. Prostitution, when done with a business sense, pays extremely well. Women can make far better money this way and are in control of their own actions. It is like a small business.

  • Yes for the money

    Money is very tempting to many people. If a woman has a choice to make a lot of money in prostitution or a small amount of money elsewhere then some are in fact going to choose prostitution. A quick dollar can be very tempting while hard work is no fun.

  • Women Sometimes Choose Protitution Over Other Options

    Sometimes, a woman can choose prostitution over other options, even when those alternatives are better opportunities. A small percentage of women see prostitution as an empowering and strong career choice, despite the dangers and risks involved. Either way, many women do choose prostitution for one reason or another in America.

  • Choosing Prostitution As A Woman

    A woman would still choose prostitution even if she knew that it was wrong and knew about other options. In bad areas where women often fall victims to prostitution, women need to understand and be taught about the other options that are available to them and what damage prostitution does in the long term.

  • I think so.

    Woman always have other options. There are minimum wage jobs that are always hiring. Women see prostitution as an easy and simple way out. You are not technically always working and you make a lot of money quickly. Although it is dangerous and degrading this is not always a last resort.

  • No I do not think so.

    I do not think a woman would choose prostitution if she had other options laid out in front of her and was well aware of what they were and that she would be able to take them. I think the woman would want to lead a safer life than a risky one.

  • Ruined Self-Esteem Leads to Prostitution

    Girls and young women who have no self-esteem lead to a life of prostitution. The reason for this low self-esteem is because their fathers aren't around, beat the crap out of them or sexually assault their own daughters. Then the girls run away and become involved in sex-based occupations such as prostitution and stripping. Women don't freely choose prostitution--they feel they have to do so because of a lack of love from earlier in their lives thanks to deadbeat dads who don't show up for their kids like they are supposed to. Ninety-nine percent of society's ills can be solved if men just took responsibility for their own genitals.

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