Would a world dedicated to peace and harmony be more likely to develop under a matriarchal society?

  • dedicated to peace

    They will be out to commit more.No, reducing the amount of juvenile offenders in prison will not lower crime rates, because the people will be more likely to out on the streets committing crime. Some people are always going to be predisposed to be unable to follow the law. These people should be disabled by being in jail, so that they cannot be out hurting other people.

  • A matriarchl society

    I personally agree, Hidden cameras should be used in nursing homes. Patients in nursing homes are abused and there should be camera to catch the offenders. No one should get paid to abuse our older citizens who deserve respect for their contributions to society. Abusers should get fired and reported to the authorities.

  • Something We Haven't Tried

    In all of history one thing that hasn't been touched upon much is a matriarchal society, so I would say it is better to assume that a society dedicated to peace and harmony may be more likely under this system. I believe some women are more motherly than others so that difference may make a big difference.

  • There'd be the same problems.

    No, a world dedicated to peace and harmony would not be more likely to develop under a matriarchal society, because women are just as ruthless as men. Hilary Clinton is already responsible for some pretty terrible things. Women would have the same problems, but they would only have different ways of expressing it.

  • Not at all

    No, for a world to be focused on peace and harmony they would have to be a society of all white people that were the same religion. This would make them not have any prejudice, and not have the natural instinct to fight like the blacks do in the world.

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