Would Abraham Lincoln have forgiven John Wilkes Booth for Assassinating him, If Booth sincerely repented & Apologized to him?

  • He was actually a kind person

    There were union soldiers who ran away from the war. They asked Lincoln if they should execute the army traitors. Lincoln said that he did not want to create more widows.
    The confederates on the other hand were some messed up people. They starved and treated caught union solider worse than China.
    Lincoln wanted to actually help the south rebuild and give people in the south acres of land and a mule to start over. Black and white alike. The plantation owners would loose their lands because they were the ones who caused the war.
    And they killed Lincoln by getting a hitman to do it.
    Don't listen to those "conservative southern" historians they will never be honest and lie about how great the south was. And how evil Lincoln was.

  • This is a stupid question

    First of all Lincoln wasn't a very good person in the first place he may have abolished slavery but he was also a politician. In a letter he says that he is only doing what is best for his country and if his country wanted slavery he would give it to them he only wanted to please the majority. He isn't any jesus.

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