Would additional federal gun regulations reduce gun violence?

  • Yes, they would

    Not everybody knows how to get a gun illegally, so the argument that gun regulations would leave only criminals with guns is void. If they're harder to get, there are less of them, if there are less of them then there are fewer people that are getting killed by them.

  • Additional federal gun regulations would reduce gun violence.

    It is doubtful that any regulation would completely reduce gun violence. But additional federal gun regulations would certainly make it more difficult to access guns, which would give people contemplating criminal activity with a gun time to re-think their decisions. It might possibly allow enough time for those around them to realize those individuals need help and intervene.

  • Of course it would!

    I'm not saying that it should be in effect but more people with guns would mean more gun violence. If guns were used to defend attackers with guns, that's two gun points. But if barely anyone has guns then gun violence goes down. Not saying someone won't come in your house and stab you while you're defenseless. >:D

  • The proliferation of guns in the US has led to uncontrolled violence.

    Death by guns owned by unqualified individuals has increased exponentially. The regulations needed are not just a mandate for less guns, but instead an intelligent approach to the acquisition of the weapons along with stricter control over certain types of weapons. Legitimate hunters don't require 30 rounds of ammunition to kill their prey. The mentally ill should not be allowed guns. The list goes on. The individuals that qualify for weapons should be vetted and accommodated. A test, within reason, should and could be administered.

  • No they wouldn't help at all because those looking for guns will always find a way.

    Making more laws and regulations aren't going to help. If somebody really wants a gun but they cant buy one because of gun laws they are gonna find a way. If it means they buy them on the black market, or a third party. It doesn't matter how many laws we put on guns someone is going to find a way to buy guns.

  • No,additional federal gun regulations would not reduce gun violence.

    No,additional federal gun regulations would not reduce gun violence.There will always be guns that are used illegally and no amount of legislation will prevent this.Not untill the hearts of people are changed will the amount of gun crime be able to be reduced.People need to realize that guns are not toys and lives could be lost.

  • Gun Regulations Don't Reduce Violence

    Stricter federal gun regulations wouldn't reduce gun violence. In fact, such legislation would lead to an increase in violence. It would even leave law-abiding citizens powerless to protect themselves from criminals in many cases. Gun regulations take guns away from the lawful and put more of them into the hands of criminals.

  • The Black Market Would Increase

    I do not believe additional federal gun regulations would help reduce gun violence. The black market for guns is very real and if further regulations are put in place, that market will just get that much larger. It is not right to further restrict what some people feel is their right. It never works, it never will.

  • No I don't believe that additional federal gun regulation will reduce gun violence.

    While guns are an instrument to kill, they inherently are not what kills people. It is the person's will to shoot the gun that is what hurts others. While yes, accidents do happen, those accidents are fairly rare and to a trained gun handler, it is rarely a problem. I believe the fundamental problem with gun violence involves the mental health of an individual. I believe the government should spend more time creating free access to mental health care to individuals who are at risk for violence.

  • Additional Federal Gun Regulations Would Not Reduce Gun Violence

    No, I do not believe that additional federal gun regulations would reduce gun violence. The major issue with gun violence is that the people who commit crimes with guns are not deterred by the fact that the guns themselves are illegal. Making guns illegal only deters the law abiding citizen from having one. Requiring more background checks or checks for mental stability before purchasing a gun may help if a person buys a gun from a store, but those sorts have of checks have no validity in a black market or person-to-person transaction.

  • No it wouldn't help, because the biggest problem is enforcement.

    Just passing regulations won't help reduce gun violence. The only people that would be likely to follow the increased regulations are the law abiding people that normally don't cause problems in the first place. Those that want to get a gun will and if we can't enforce the laws we currently have how can we expect to enforce more and stricter ones?

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