Would Al Gore have made a better president than George W. Bush?

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    Posted by: Cjt
  • Of course he would of been better.

    Is that even a question? Bush completely ruined America's values. He ended his presidency with 100,000 people losing their jobs every month, 5 million homes being lost, women weren't having a fight in chance at equal pay for equal work, we were in the Iraq War (which we should of never went into), and Wall Street was very disorderly and causing problems. Now, thanks to Obama, we have the Dod Frank Acts which keep Wall Street banks regulated and under more control, the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which gives women a better ability of suing if they think they haven't been getting equal pay for equal work, our GDP is going up, we are fighting against climate change, gas prices are dropping (which isn't 100% under his actions), and we've killed many terrorists and dictators (Osama Bin Laden, Gaddafi, etc.), and lastly, were are out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    People may say they hate Obama and Clinton, but in my opinion, I'd prefer to have them anyday compared to either Bush president.

  • Yes, Al Gore would have been a better president.

    Bush invaded Iraq, which was correct because of the terrorist attacks. But, his mistake was invading Afghanistan. There was no reason to invade Afghanistan but he did. Because Afghanistan lost its power, some people began to struggle for power. This is how ISIS was formed. Now there are attacks on the US thanks to Bush.

  • He would have

    Suppose 9/11 had occurred under Gore's watch. Does anyone really think he's the kind of person who would then go and destroy an unrelated country in retaliation. I would disagree. Therefore, even in the wake of 9/11 Gore would have been better. We would not have the huge deficit in lives and money we have now. We would not have Isis. We could have focused on legitimate terror-related issues, such as actually finding Bin laden, which Obama's administration did. Our country would have been known for being responsible about the environment and foreign affairs. Donald Trump would not have the support he does today from desperate Republicans. Not to mention he won the popular vote in Florida too, therefore, he should have won the electoral college.

  • He Actually Won

    The man who won the majority of the voter's votes should have been president. It literally was a statement that a few people's votes is more important than the general consensus of the population... Also Bush was horrible on international policy. The world hated him and it made us dislike America for a long time. Al Gore actually cares about common problems like global warming- which untreated will kill us all. You would have to be a fool to retrospectively call the worst American president ever a better option than the man who exposed the world to a lot of crucial information that may save us all one day.

  • Yes, of course.

    The only reason Al Gore lost was because of the Electoral College. Besides, Gore would have done much better things than George W. Bush. For instance, he would have promoted the environment, instead of war against terrorism that cost many lives, for the benefit of the few. Al Gore should definitely have won.

  • Yes yes yes

    Al gore doesn't just invade other countries for absolutely no reason (Iraq anyone?) and he would have seen how raising taxes would have helped the american people in the long run. Additionally he is an environmentalist and we all would have benefited by being less oil dependent from the middle east, look at the Netherlands.

  • Yes yes yes

    Al gore would have made such a better president than bush did. I mean if gore was told a terrorist group was going to bomb the USA, instead of just sitting back for several months after being told several times, he might have done something and prevented it. (given that you don't believe the conspiracy theory that bush orchestrated 9/11)

  • Yes, Though Voters Couldn't Have Known

    We know now that Bush started a war that benefited some rich people at the cost of tens of thousands of lives. It's hard for someone else NOT to beat that, really. Al Gore has also spent the time since then making a big name for himself as an environmentalist, which I consider to be a basic issue of survival for us all. But back when Bush won, there was no indication that 9/11 would happen or of how he would react, nor was Al Gore quite so well known as 'that environment guy.' So really, this is political fantasy football, and it makes more sense to focus on choosing the right people in this decade.

  • In retrospect, yes.

    At the time, it seemed like a close call, but I think in retrospect Al Gore would've done better than George W. Bush. Then again, there is a very long list of people, Democrats and Republicans alike, that would have done a better job than George W. Bush. He was just not a very good president.

  • He would've been almost as bad as Obama

    Almost all the solutions that Al Gore proposed involved throwing money at the problem to "fix" it. His stance was to solve everything by giving huge tax breaks and gigantic raises. He may have had military experience, but lacked the leadership to make the military better. The only thing Al Gore proposed was that that bigger government and higher debt would've solved our problems.

  • Al Gore is Unstable

    After losing the presidency to George Bush, Al Gore went around the bend. He became a super-liberal advocate of environmental safety, and would have advocated protecting animal over people. His only concern was reducing the carbon footprint of man at any necessary expense. He would have been a crazy man in control of the country.

  • no he would not

    many people view Al Gore as a brilliant man in comparison to George w bush which is more than likely true, however Al Gore was too radical for presidency. George w Bush didn't do much in his term of presidency which honestly was a good thing because instead of hurting the country worse he let it slow roast over the fire of debt. Al Gore would force ridiculousness bills past that would burn money faster than fire burns oil. He may be a smart man but not every smart man is qualified for president.

  • No

    No, Al Gore would not have made a better president than George W. Bush. Al Gore did not come across as a strong person. His personality did not convey strong convictions or the strength to defend his convictions. Al Gore was not presidential material. If he had been elected president, he would have been easy prey for manipulation. It takes someone with strong character to fill the position and I believe George W. Bush was the person we needed at that time.

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