Would Amending the US Constitution to Prohibit the Desecration of the US Flag Limit Free Speech?

  • burning a flag is an expression and act of free speech.

    While some may disagree with the act of burning the American flag, others may not see it the same way. In this country we pride ourselves on our freedoms. Although distasteful to some, the burning of a flag may have a meaning or symbolism to others they may not necessarily be traitorous to the country. To prohibit it would be to limit free speech.

  • All Forms of Blocking Speech are Censorship, even banning desecration of flag.

    Yes, amending the US Constitution to prohibit the desecration of the US flag would be limiting freedom of speech. Desecrating the flag is a way of expressing that one is upset or unhappy with the way the US government is operating, and thus it should be protected speech. One should always have the freedom to voice dissent.

  • Just because its a right doesn't mean you should do it anyways

    There are more things to burn than the flag, why would you want to burn it anyways? Its really disrespectful. Imagine if you made the flag and fought for people to let them be free and those people just decided that they want to burn it. The flag is a symbol of freedom, so again, why would you burn it? Just remember, you wouldn't have most rights if the person who fought and gave there life to saving the future, you. And this is how you repay them? Thats a new level of low for America. . .

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