Would America vote for another Clinton or Bush as the President?

  • America would vote for another Clinton or Bush as the President.

    It is clear that America might elect another Clinton or Bush as the president. Hillary has already stated that she intends to run in 2016, and it is possible that Jeb Bush will run against her as the Republican candidate, either in 2016 or 2020. Both candidates are very popular.

  • America Would Elect A Clinton or Bush

    There's no reason to think that the American public wouldn't vote for another Clinton or Bush member as president. The fact of the matter is that Hilary Clinton is a wildly popular candidate for the presidency in 2016, and she may very well run for the same office her husband occupied.

  • Hillary looks promising

    People love voting for political families. How many hundreds of millions of people have lived or are alive today in the US? What are the odds that there would be two father and son pairs, or so many Kennedy-esque political families, purely based on the merits of their members? Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with this, just an observation.

  • Yes, US citizens would vote for people similar to Bush or Clinton.

    We can never know who exactly the United States citizens would vote for, but a lot of who we will vote for is based on campaigning and advertising. Whether or not you liked Bill Clinton, George Bush, and George W. Bush, they are typical politicians and the type of people we regularly vote for: those who are wealthy, have a good education, are supported by their parties, and have successful campaigns.

  • No I do not think so.

    America probably would not vote for another Clinton or Bush as president. They both have such a bad reputation now that people would be terrified of letting another one similar to them back into office. It would probably cause an uproar and people would become upset and demand someone else take place.

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