• Yes they would destroy,

    America has half a million ACTIVE soldiers and 200000 surplus soldiers ready for action. Canada on the other hand has about 70000 active troops and a few thousand backup troops. There we could just destroy by sheer numbers.All we'd have to do is send a couple hundred tanks in and 100000 troops and we could control Canada.

  • Look at allies

    Look if America at racked Canada, Canada would have the upper hand Canada is a British Constitution we would have tons of support from Australia, Britain (maybe even Russia :) ) Unless America has a better reason than Canada than Canada has an upper hand like really Britain has nukes too.

  • Bigger military, bigger economy, bigger population.

    There is no way the US would lose to canada in a war today. Lets be real. The US has a much bigger military, much bigger economy, 10 times the population, more farmland, more manufacturing and industry, generally more of everything. We also have nukes, which canada does not. A war with canada would be hard due to the size of the country, but the US would win in the end.

  • We will win!

    The U.S. is the most popular country on Earth and has a MUCH larger population compared to Canada. It is one thing with China or Russia, but with Canada, they would DIE. We only need 100 or so nuclear warheads and 1,000 tanks, and we have double the land! We Will WIN!

  • America would crush.

    America has the biggest military in the world, and we have been known to attack with great force and strength that would wipe Canada off the face of the earth with a single hit. We would literally control Canada. But it would be costly for the US, very, very costly.


    Ok I love canada but they don't have any nuclear weapons and america have many plus they have many allies. Even if canada did win they would not try to counter-attack to take over US because the US's army have 145,212,012 available manpower and canada has 15,789,816 available manpower and neither one of them would attack each other there allies canada declared war on japan before US because of Pearl Harbor.

  • Hell yeah, american would win

    Those pansies don't even know what war is, they probably don't even know how to hold a gun or what one is, therefore we win by default... We all know it, we all agree, the war we make with them would be over within 1-4 hours, and no more than that

  • We would certainly win!

    Most major cities of Canada are on the south border making it easier to invade. All we would have to do is send a couple hundred thousand troops up north and take over Southern Canada in a couple of weeks. The part where we take over the north is easy because either the government would give up the whole of Canada and surrender, or we could go up through the frozen wasteland and take over huge pieces of land with little resistance because of the few towns up north.

    Also the debt America has doesn't matter because America will most likely never pay it all off, though we may have plenty off debt we are also the richest county in the world and have the strongest military with a budget higher than the 15 next highest military budgets in the world.

    We also have many tactical advantages such as we could attack from both way with Alaska and even though you have allies such as Britain, etc... They wouldn't join you in war with America because they will likely be afraid to or America proves to be to great of an ally to destroy a relationship between, and the countries who do fight with Canada will only slow America down and will be destroyed.

  • They would win but...

    The United States has a lot of man power and a lot of vehicles but it would become a bloodbath as Canada has artillery aimed at major U.S. Cities and if canada was invaded the target cities will be destroyed. It would take years before securing Canada and the U.S. Might lose 3/4 of its army. The vast mountain ranges and the cold would wear them down. Canadians would start to help the army and volunteer. Sure they would go down but not without a fight. But in the end the U.S. win the war but it would've costed to much of a price as cities like Detroit, Boston, probably even Washington would be rubble.

  • We could but would it be worth it after all it's Canada

    America has one of the largest and most well funded militaries in the world not to mention a population that can become ultra nationalistic inot an instant. Not to mention the ability to create total war with ease. But at the same time the war unless we were provoked which seems unlikely would create tension with other powers and could create a situation like the one with Iran or Russia which could destroy our economy even though we would beat them militarily.

  • Canada would have many allies

    As soon as the US attacked they would have many nations declaring war on them for attacking a relatively unarmed and peaceful nation. The U.K, France, Getmany, and possibly Russia would be almost certain too help, and the bad reputation they would gain would forever ingrain them in peoples minds as warmongers.

  • No Canada has the upper hand

    First of all, U.S is highly in debt so U.S couldnt fight us without their economy collapsing.
    Canada has a humoungous landmass and the population is spread out.
    U.S is currently involved in too many wars to be able to actually pull toghether a reliable army. Also alot of soldiers wouldnt agree to fighting Canada.
    Canadas army is much more trained, even if we are outnumbered.
    Nuclear warfare is stupid, because as neighbours it would cause a radioactive fallout and the UN would get involved.
    Canada has Rob Ford.
    Since the USA is more densly packed, a single conventional weapon would have much more casualties than a US bomb in Canada.
    Canada would use JUSTIN BIEBER.
    We have to many allies.
    Canada has a vast source of minerals, almost all of it goes to the US. They are dependent on our resources, if we dont seel to them they couldnt go on and other countries would definitly stop like Venezuala and Saudi Arabia.
    Canada has more energy sources and more access to major trade routes.
    JTF2 and CSOR are speciallized and more dangeous then the US equivilents.
    We would be able to offer Russia access to the us through alaska with the promise of some land.
    If it comes to nuclear war, Canada has the most uranium on Earth, after Alaska.
    No more Maple Syrup.
    We have the Saint Lawrence river.
    Canada has more manned satellites in space that could be modified into weapons.
    Hookers are legal.
    We have rob ford.
    We have more space to attack from, so the US doesnt know where its coming from.
    We will have the starting hand, since the US has most of its militairy satalittes over the middle east.
    I could go on forever

  • America is in a too much of a heavy debt.

    America is too poor to actually fight us, they will just have a treaty signed in minutes and it will be a stalemate. If they do however, American haters will jump at the chance, Canada's allies will align. They won't consider us that much, considering that they are already at war (ISIS), air support won't be there. Then it is just navy and ground troops fighting. We will lose a couple of cities (possibly Toronto, I hope not), then we will take some back. Here is a break on who is stronger or weaker:
    Air Support= Canada because much of US's air support is already in Middle East.
    Ground= Without help, US, but with the rest of the world (which Canada is pretty much align to), Canada
    Navy= US, however we do stand a chance, with the world, of course Canada
    Tactics: Canada (been proven already)

    If they do start a war, here will be a estimated timeline:
    November 2014- Declare War
    January 2015- Canada takes over Alaska
    February 2015 - US takes over Vancouver, Niagara, Edmonton, the maritime (pretty much everything but Ontario and Quebec)
    March 2015 - World aligns and attacks
    April 2015 - Take over all US colonies, take back western Canada and Maritime
    May 2015 - World fleet gathers and attack New York City
    US signs a treaty with ISIS and focuses on the pending war
    May 15 2015 - A battle begins and due to US lack of forces there, Canada starts winning
    In Europe, Canada's allies prevent US aircraft to come back and fight them
    May 20 2015 - New York City taken over due to lack of forces there
    US forces fight for Niagara and tries to push to Toronto but pulls back suddenly to take over New York City
    June 2015 - Canada attacks the western coast of America, and America loses LA
    Canada takes over most cities however, New York City, Chicago, and Washington still has a fight
    July 2015 - US abandons their air force in Europe due to lack of money, US also abandon their navy's old ships, focus the navy on New York City
    August 2015 - ISIS is beaten and the world turn their attention to America
    September 2015 - America is losing funding
    Fight continues, however, US pulls back to their only 2 remaining cities: Washington and New York
    November 2015 - Fight continues, no proven winner, but America gets a hold on themselves, investors invest a lot, America funds back the Air, Navy and ground. Rest of the world pulls out saying Canada can win now.
    December 2015 - US realizes they still can't win, Canada's military grows to be the biggest in the world, and near end of December, US signs a treaty, with New York City and Washington as their only remaining cities, Canada's territory becomes the largest in the world, taking everything but New York City Washington. Canada can win. We did it before with 5000 men, we can do it again.

  • Lack of will and logistics

    The united states does have a superior military in size but they dint have the the supplies to do it. With out Canada the US losses its main supply of oil and it wouldn't have our grain to food its forces. The lav 25 is also a Canadian made vehicle so no more of those. Canadian land mas and civilian will also play out because the united states wouldn't accept the losses it would take to take and hold Canada. The Canadian armed forces may be small but it is Superior in training and battle strategy and and even scared the nazi forces. And final remember 1812

  • Major waste of time and resources.

    First of all, The States would have to be desperate to start a war with Canada, considering we're their number one trading partner. However, if they did, two things would happen. Their would be a massive enlistment into our own military, and we would fend them off with guerilla tactics, considering it worked for Vietnam. The war would go on for years. It's been proven that the Americans would eventually give up and go home. And since we're part of the commonwealth, the UK would be obligated to step in. I know, they're buddy-buddy with the States now, but they're hardly going to overlook such an egriegious overstepping of boundaries. Plus, there is France and the allies and the United Nations. So if the United States feels like taking on the world, by all means. I feel it would be a waste of time and resources, when all they need to do is ask for what they need. It's not like Canada's going to deny them anything.

  • America should not win a war with Canada

    There is no reason for us to win a war with Canada, they did absolutely nothing to us. Creating a war with no basis will just make things worse for our country and other countries will wonder what we were even trying to do. Wars also promote fear instead of peace, so in the end everything is just a lose-lose situation.

  • Land mass is the key

    While in a conventional war America would bury the Canadians under sheer numbers... But Canada is huge with the second largest land mass in the world the Canadian military and unofficial civilian resistance groups would be able to wage guerrilla warfare until the Americans lost the will to hold canada.

  • If only in a drastic situation, would America start a war with Canada.

    Many say If America were to go to war with Canada it would be over water. Canada holds 20% of the earths freshwater, a vital resource for us human beings. Though in this case, Canada would have the upper hand, because the water would be on Canadian soil, making It difficult for Americans to come and infiltrate their territory.

  • Canada can put production

    To war, much like WWII when canada had the 3rd largest Air Force and 2nd largest navy.
    Also, its cold, the american soldiers (except alaska) are not trained for the cold, unlike the canadian forces. We could strike pacts with russia and the rest of the world. And finally good luck getting takes and boats to the real northern places like Iqaluit. Nunavut

  • Numbers aren't everything

    It would be ridiculous to assume Canada could occupy The United States. However, I think it would be equally as ridiculous to think Canada somehow couldn't defend itself. Occupation of Canada would be very difficult due to its sparsity of population and overwhelming patriotism. Also, the Canadian military is known for its effectiveness and precision with little numbers, its how they've always operated. If numbers really won wars, Britain would have ended a rebellion of a certain 13 colonies. What really wins wars is passion and desperation. Which I assure you, Canadians would want to defend their country much more then Americans would want to take it

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