Would America's economic recovery benefit from clean energy?

  • Yes the United States' economic recovery would benefit from the increased use of "Clean Energy."

    The expanded use of clean energy technology would bring a boost to the United States' economic recovery. The expansion of clean energy technology would create tens of thousands of manufacturing and support jobs for the hardware, as well as the need for thousands of trained techs to implement the newly written software in the marketplace.

  • Of Course It Would

    I believe America's economic recovery would benefit from clean energy. Clean energy is a newer industry that still needs to be developed in this country. Big oil has held it back thus far, but we should realize these tactics for what they are. Any time you introduce a new industry, jobs should follow.

  • Clean Energy Helps Create Jobs

    Economic recovery would be stimulated by clean energy initiatives. Because clean energy is only supplemental at this point, the job of those working in petroleum would stay, while at the same time create jobs for clean energy. People who invest in clean energy vehicles and appliances will save money through fuel costs and be able to spend their money elsewhere or save for retirement. It has great economic benefits that may equal the environmental benefits.

  • Not only clean, but reusable.

    Dependent on oil as America is, it's absurd in my mind that not greater importance is put on this. Same goes for the rest of the world. Why insist on dirty, 100 year old technology when we could have so much more? Sooner or later there will be no choice so why resist? Allowing immoral greedy fossil fuel companies to set the agenda is a great tragedy. They are the ones profiting from current policies, not America.

  • Yes, America's economy will benefit from clean energy.

    Yes, clean energy will benefit America's economic recovery. As clean energy becomes more available, more manufacturing facilities will be able to operate while at the same time meeting environmental mandates. When it is easier for manufacturing to increase, jobs will also increase and the economy will improve because of it.

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