Would America's founding fathers legalize marijuana/hemp?

  • Yes FOR sure

    Eney one who thanks it's bad has no idea what they are taking about we American people Should Take too the Streets and Show how we the People Rilly Believe in A Rill Medical Med Really is it's Marijuana not No bad for us it's the oil Jesus Christ used to Put on People Too Hill them, Read your Bible if you cannot understand why we need marijuana Legal you are not a Real Christine God bless Everyone who Believes in God.

  • They Would Not Have Made It Illegal

    Federal legislation outlawing marijuana was not passed until the 1930's. During the First World War, farmers in Kentucky and elsewhere were paid by the federal government to grow hemp for the war effort, as it was used to make rope and other useful products that were used by the government. As far as smoking it, maybe they would not do that.

  • Yes, happily!

    When creating your own government, when you need the most useful crops to help build your personal economy, Hemp would stand out as a multipurpose crop. It can be used as a food, as a material for clothing and ropery, and as a cheap and efficient export. Not to mention the records of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin growing and using Hemp in their own personal lives.

  • Yes, and actually most of our founding fathers grew hemp

    It is a well known fact that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew hemp. Not only would they have legalized it, it was completely legal and hemp farming was very much encouraged. There are a lot of valuable uses for hemp, that extend far beyond the medicinal/intoxicating properties that are so commonly associated with it. Very useful products can be made from hemp fiber such as rope, fabric, and other industrial materials.

  • Founding Fathers Had Fun

    I don't know that the founding fathers would have used it themselves, but I do believe that they would legalize marijuana, at least for medicinal use. Hemp they would have no issue with, as that was the largest ingredient in paper, rope and many other products ages ago, before certain groups campaigned against it.

  • Nope

    I don't think there is any way that they would. They understood the importance of keeping your faculties sound. A sound mind is required to sculpt what would become our constitution. I can't imagine a group of pot heads coming up with a government and system that would last for 200 plus years.

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