• Yes, an Apple game console would succeed.

    Yes, I think that an Apple game console would succeed and be very popular worldwide. Apple is known for being cutting-edge when it comes to technology as can be seen with their iPads and iPhones, and I think that Apple could develop something revolutionary when it comes to gaming consoles.

  • Absolutely would succeed.

    Yes, I think that an Apple game console would succeed. Apple is a huge company that is popular all around the world. Everyone is so excited when they release a new product, whatever that new product may be. I think that people would react the same way to a game console released by Apple.

  • Prestigious Company Known For It's Technology

    Apple is one of the leading companies of advancements and products in technology. Creating a Apple based game console builds off from iphones and macs, so it's assumed that the gaming system can be relatively good compared to it's products. Maybe Apple will include something new into the gaming world, or build advancements from Xbox Kinect or Motion PS3.

  • Apple is innovative and trusted.

    That is what will get the console selling right off the bat. Apple would redesign/simplify gaming.
    Whoa... Did I just say simplify? Yes, simplify! No, it is not going to turn all console games into mindless "Angry birds" games. But it will make the set up EVEN SIMPLER. The GUI (Graphical User Interface, On computers what gives you the mouse and the onscreen buttons) will be a lot more navigable. It will have the stability of a Mac and the friendliness of an iPhone. Apple has unarguable the most simplistic products, by simplistic products I mean simple to use; but you must remember simplicity is not simple it is actually very complicated. Developers would love the power they could unleash through a Apple technologies.

  • Haha guess what no.

    Every heard of the apple pippen? Thats what i thought. They tried and failed and should never try again. I hope apple dies with all of its products going with it. PC is a superior system over any apple product there phones arent even the best! I conclude NO NO.

  • This makes me laugh.

    It wouldn't even stand a chance against the power houses than are xbox360 and playstation3. Even the often mocked wiiU would serve as its direct competition and still leave it in the dirt. Why? Because it would have no competitive edge what so ever. Motion controls is already an over use gimmick that all of the other consoles previously mentioned have covered in one form or another.

  • It depends on the target audience.

    Apple to me has always struck me as trying to appeal to the family audience. Among gamers, I think an Apple console would fail horribly. I think they'd add too many useless features to the console, and I can't even begin to imagine how much it would cost. If Apple were to play it right, I believe they could succeed. They certainly have the innovation to do so. Alas, I see an Apple console taking the same path as the Kinect did. It's fun for the whole family...Until it gets repetitive and dies out.

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