• Unfortunately it would.

    Yes. I believe there should be heavy gun restrictions in the United States but congress will do nothing because of the amount of gun lobby money in politics. When it comes down to it money rules the world and politics are no exception. No politician has the guts to stand up to the NRA and their money and do what is actually right and would help the country.

  • Yes, because Congress is afraid to stand up.

    Yes, I believe an assault weapons ban would fail in Congress because Congress is too afraid to stand up to big lobbies and do the thing that is best for the country's welfare and safety. There is so much pandering going on that one wonders what purpose Congress even serves any more, and this issue is an excellent example of that.

  • Yes, because of pandering.

    Yes, I believe that an assault weapons ban would fail in Congress because Congress can't seem to stand up and do anything without politically weighing the outcome. Because the NRA is so loudmouthed, Congress seems afraid of them, at a huge cost of human suffering. Until the political pandering stops, no headway will be made in this area.

  • The ban would not fail.

    Considering all of the events that have happened in the last month or two, I do not think a ban on assault weapons would fail in Congress now. It is time that these types of weapons were banned. There is no reason for weapons that have the ability to kill hundreds of people to be legal.

  • Not anymore

    The lunatic leaders of the NRA don't have the stranglehold that they used to after recent atrocities, it'd still struggle mightily to get through but it would. I do hope, however, that is not the only thing attempted, because a mere ban of things labeled as assault weapons in this country would not be effective by itself.

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