• Yes, I believe it would.

    A lot of young adults do not view Israel as completely innocent in this recent war, more and more people are siding with Gaza and they don't want to see innocent civilians killed. I think siding with Israel would be a very bad decision for Starbucks or any other organization.

  • It is possible

    I wouldn't necessarily say it is likely, but since there is no middle ground here I'd say yes, it would. There is an ever growing number of people who are becoming more aware of what is happening in Israel and a large group of people are beginning to protest about it.

  • Ha! Oh please...

    There is only two things Starbucks' CEO would have to do to see their profits in this country shoot sky high right now. Shoot an Isis member in the head in the middle of Times Square then walk across the street to Nathan's and buy a hot dog. Lots of people disagree with what Israel is doing right now. NOT A SOUL agrees with what ISIS or Hamas are doing. It may not be right, but public opinion is squarely in the Isreali's corner when presented with the other options.

  • No, it wouldn't

    It should because Israel has in the past bordered on being war criminals and in the present are undeniably committing war crimes, but nobody in this country cares and people are so terrified of saying a bad word about Israel that nobody would dare make Starbucks feel any wrath from associating with them. It's perfectly safe.

  • No, I dont think Starbucks would be hurt at all.

    No, I don't think Starbucks would be hurt at all. If anything i think it can help in the long run. I feel that their coffee shop is suppose to reach out an really connect with different countries and cultures everywhere on earth. I feel that Starbucks will be just fine.

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