• It should work in America by applying stricter laws and special driving courses for higher speeds.

    I totally support the idea of Autobahn in the United States of America, because there are many drivers out there are already exceeding the posted speed limits on the highways. In the majority of highways in the United States, the posted speed limits are 65 MPH or sometimes are higher it depends on city's population. As a frequent traveler, I barely see anybody who does not exceed the 65 MPH speed limit. Many drivers on the highway exceed the speed limit by 5-10 MPH minimum. So in other words, if you drive exactly at 65 MPH on the highway's posted speed limit most likely you will get tailgated or get some angry drivers behind you. The idea of Autobahn can be achieved in the United States of America by adding special driving classes for the no speed limit highways. The purpose of having this course is to see the driver's ability of handle his/her vehicle at higher speed. Some other things are important, how well the driver can process the information of the exit sings. These rules will give the driver instructor of how to judge the driver's ability. We Americans should embrace these ideas so we can have a better flow of traffic and to reduce traffic congestion.

  • Yes, there is not a huge difference between an autobahn and a freeway.

    I see no reason in theory why autobahn type highways should be any less safe in America. There are already some highways in the US that a not hugely different from autobahns. Given the higher speeds and density of traffic though, I think US drivers may need some additional driver training and the driving test should be made stricter. One of the reasons autobahn type roads are so safe in Europe, is the higher standard of driver training.

  • Most definitely not!

    This would never work in america with the current laws that we have. The reasons it works in Europe is because there drivers are more disciplined. Its harder to get a license over there (a lot of people don't even drive because of this). ALSO having no speed limit works because there cars are built to handle that roadway. Ever heard of German engineering? American cars might have horsepower but they cannot handle high speeds and turns (with the exception of a car or two). The autobahn will not work here.

  • No an Autobahn type highway would not be safe for American drivers.

    Given the nature of American drivers an Autobahn type highway would not be safe for the American public. In the drivers are given less instruction in vehicle operation than in Germany and overall American drivers have less respect for the dangers of high speed vehicle operation. Also the controlled-access of the Autobahn would not be appealing to American drivers.

  • To much traffic

    Plus people have to much road rage in America. America always seem to have construction somewhere on their freeways. Which also means that America's freeways are filled with dips and potholes and other debris. The country overall just does not have the mentality to make a Autobahn like Europe and Germany.

  • I do not feel America needs an Autobahn-like highway.

    I do not feel that a "no speed limit" Autobahn-like highway would be a good idea in America. Speed limits help save lives. Accidents that occur at that high of a speed can be devastating. If there was an "Autobahn" in America, I feel that the death toll would be enormous. It's just not a good idea.

  • Yes, an Autobahn-like highway would be safe in America.

    I think an Autobahn-like highway in America would be safe just like it is in Europe. I have for the longest time wondered why one hasn't been built in America like the one in Germany. I think that it would be very beneficial for America to have an Autobah-like highway in America.

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