Would an end to lobbying benefit the average American?

Asked by: heyitssal
  • Lobbying just benefits the super wealthy.

    Everyone should have the same right to see any Congress member. No former Congress person should be allowed to become a lobbyist.

    Our government is broken, and this is one of the primary reasons why. The Plutocracy has to be overthrown. If our congress members won't force them to do what is right, ( e.G., bringing back over 20 million jobs that have been outsourced, raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, passing Universal Health Care, Collective bargaining for everyone), then we the people need to overthrow this government and start over, just like what happened in Cuba, China, and Russia. Fist we need to try to do it legally, by forcing all the Republican party bums out of Congress and making sure only Democrats that support the middle class and poor get elected. If that doesn't work, we need a total revolution.

  • Focus can return to constituents

    While lobbying serves the purpose of creating laws that can be compatible with business, and it adds practical expertise to the legislation, it places the focus on cronyism. A legislator, or legislative hopeful, knows that he/she must raise money from their party's and area's biggest donors, this means that they will favor those businesses and hopefully be able to save face with creative politicking. The focus is in the wrong place. Capitalism is an amazing system, but only when there is no favoritism and the citizen (in the "pre-Citizens United" sense) takes priority over a corporate entity. However, this does not mean that Corporations are bad in any sense. They simply take advantage of the tools necessary. Legislators need to step up and limit lobbying efforts--dream world, I know.

  • The overwhelming perception of corruption is more than enough reason to eliminate it.

    At the point 75% believe the political establishment are in fact corrupt there has been a point of futility reached. The ones in power do not wish to have their lives shaken or upturned yet they are the ones to which the attributable decisions upturning and throwing into turmoil the lives of tens of millions are tied.

  • Yes an end to lobbying would benefit the average American

    But that would be with the caveat that no American Civil Servant and that means any lawmaker elected office could hire on with lobbyists after their term is up. The greed that the lobbyists bring with them is visited upon the American public in the way of the bribed lawmakers that will vote any way that the lobbyist of their choice wants them to. Which means they are not representing America they are representing American Greed.

  • No, it really wouldn't

    Why shouldn't companies or groups have the right to represent their needs? Instead of trying to combat the problem through increasing government, we should make an exemptionless corporate flat tax, which would both promote growth and reduce government spending on part of the IRS. Regulation is good, but to an extent. Over regulation KILLS INDUSTRY AND HURTS THE CONSUMER (just look at the average British Electricty bill, which has soared since the governments regulation), however deregulation leads to rampant abuse and is over all bad for the economy as well (Trickle down economics doesn't work).
    On a tangential note, corporate personhood, should be refered to as "group rights". A corporation has the same rights as any group of people and getting rid of corporate personhood would make suing companies impossible (a non person cannot be sued) and overall complicate business transactions.

    Now that Ive adressed the business side of things, let me tackle the effect on the Average American. Lobby groups can range from pro-business to pro-union. Imagine if Unions not longer had a voice? What about grass roots groups? Lobbying applies to alot of issues and for the most part actually helps to push, or protect our interests. Lobbying helps share resources to protect a common interest and limiting that, in spite of its occassional abuse, would do more harm then good.

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