Would Android's marketplace share be threatened by Ubuntu smartphones?

  • Ubuntu threatens Android

    Android is a technology company that creates phones and software products. Ubuntu is attempting to enter their market and steal their customers by offering similar alternatives. Naturally, this creates an environment of competition. While Android is more established, historically we have seen small companies explode into juggernauts, so android should be weary of Ubuntu.

  • Ubuntu. Are they a threat to android?

    We are living in a technology world, so everything is a competition, when it come to threats, whether you are worried about, hacking or some one coming out with a better product, the key fact remains who has the better product? What kind of information can this item hold? These are discovery questions, that need to e solved so if those are all covered, can we really see a technology battle in the future?

  • It's Always Possible

    The Ubuntu software comes from Linux-based systems and it is possible that Ubuntu phones could take a slice of the Android market share. Obviously they would have to provide a better product at a cheaper price. This means they would have a long climb ahead of them, but competition is always welcomed by the consumer.

  • Android has its own supporters

    Android will still maintain its share of the market despite the threat of Ubuntu. Android phones still have a dedicated following among consumers, who prefer the Android product and will continue to buy and use it despite other market options. There are other contenders in the market such as Apple and Blackberry, and Android still maintains a strong share of the marketplace.

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