• Yes, the education of young adults would be heightened

    If the age to vote was lowered even by two years, to make the voting age 16, I believe that policy's and government would be taught as part of school curriculum. The states would want the new voters to be educated when casting ballots. I also feel as if voter turn out would be higher because if people could start voting when younger they could continue that pattern as they get older

  • The costs of becoming an adult would be more politicized issues

    America has a clear issue with the cost of higher education. While Federally-backed loans are making it acccessible the costs are still astronomical and tax payers bear the brunt of the cost when many of these loans end up going into default. The problem, though, is that representatives have no real accountability to these young people. If the age of voting were drastically lowered it's very possible that the issue of the cost of higher education would be at the forefront of party platforms.

  • Don't think younger people would follow

    Heck, most adults don't keep up with politics or what is going on in the world. What makes people think younger kids would, when they have a attention span of zero? There may be a couple of kids out of a 100 who would, but not enough to change things from where they already are.

  • Military age plays part in age of voting.

    As a nation we often question the choices that our forefathers made was right or wrong. When the 26th amendment was introduced their was much debate of allowing an 18 year old to vote. Rest assured that this was correct. At 18 men and women can enlist in the military and therefore have a right to vote for the person that could send them to war. If we allow a 16 year old to fight in wars then we allow a 16 year old to vote. We as a nation don't want to see a 16 year old fight, much as we don't want to have them making big and important decision such as voting for our elected officials. Age 18 is as low as it should get.

  • Nope, young people are apathetic

    Young people in the United States are the most politically apathetic group. But for a small group of empower individuals, the majority of young people are concerned with financial stability and their own careers. There would not be a significant shift in voting patterns if persons under the age of eighteen could vote.

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