Would AOC be a good Choice for the first woman President of the United States?

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  • Are you insane? Of course not.

    AOC dosent know the diffrence between imaganation and reality. Think if she was president she would shut down the oil industry so many people would loose their job when she puts this Green New Deal into action. But be honest this Green New Deal is impossible you can't run EVERYTHING on electric energy you need coal. Now she realizes that and if she were president she would ban cars and planes and turn this country in to ruins.

  • Not in a million years.

    AOC lacks the knowledge needed to be President and frankly would be dangerous. She believes that the rise in violent crime in NYC is due to people not having bread. She wants to fund a Green New Deal that would shatter American Energy and cost trillions. She is dangerous. Period.

  • Her opinions are not grounded

    AOC once said that unemployment was low because many people worked 2 jobs. She seemed to think that the unemployment rate was reduced when a person worked a second job, As if there were 2 people working. This is incorrect. One person, Even if they worked 50 jobs counts as one person working. What else does she not understand?

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