Would Aquaman beat Wolverine in a one-on-one fight?

Asked by: Antman036
  • Aqua man stomps

    Anybody that has read an aquaman comic should agree. This guy has the strength to juggle buildings. That alone gives him the win. I love wolverine, but being a comic book fan, this question is a joke. It's pretty hard to kill wolverine, but he would definitely get his ass kicked

  • Aquaman literally tears wolverine in half

    Aquaman has super strength, super senses, a magic hand, a trident once used by a god, the abilitie to give anyone a seizure at will, water bending, supr reflexes, the abilitie to control all marine life, and 71% of the world as his home. He also can shift a tectonic plate, lift a skyscraper, throw a tank, and go toe to toe with superman. Wolverine has metal fingernails... Not fair

  • Aquaman wins. Hands down.

    Aquaman has telepathy, speed, reflexes, a Gods trident, a magic water hand, durability, strength, speed, mad hops, waterbending and 71% of the world at his disposal. He also can dehydrate logan with a single touch. Aquaman also has the strength to move a tectonic plate, lift a skyscraper, and toss a tank.... Its not fair.

  • Not very likely

    I don't know much about aqua man, but I don't see how he's that much good on land. Besides, Wolverine has an indestructible skeleton, regenerates fairly quickly, has superhuman endurance and claws that go through anything and never go dull. He's been trained to fight in more ways than one, so I think he'd whup aqua man.

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