Would artificial wombs end the abortion debate?

Asked by: Cat47
  • I think so.

    I think that it would be great if there were such a thing. It would help with people with medical reasons to abort and also help those struggling to have a child and it would stop people from calling the mothers murderers. The only thing is it might stop mothers that are perfectly capable of giving birth from doing so as they might also want to not have to go through the pains of child birth. Over all I think they would help end the abortion debate.

  • Human Basic Morals

    If we start putting the embryo's in these tubes what's keeping them from disformalities and also what's going to happen to the kids if there successfully born? The adoption rate is low. So "save them" to put them in a foster home or orphanage until there 18? I think the idea's not only dumb but goes against a moral as a human being. Maybe if the parent's want the baby but the woman can't carry. Then it's ok. Or if a LGBTQ couple want a baby but any other reason is wrong. What's the point of bringing another child in this world if there's less than 10% of the child finding a good home?

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