Would atheism exist without Christianity?

Asked by: MC1R
  • Of course there would.

    Christianity is one religion. Atheism is the "rejection of all religions", so to speak. So, to say there would be no atheism just because a certain religion doesn't exist is absurd. You might as well say:
    "Would Islam still exist without Christianity?"

    If you only reject Christianity, then I'm not sure what you are, because you would accept all the others. To say that atheism wouldn't exist without Christianity is, frankly, BLASPHEMY! ;)

  • If there were no gods, atheism would be default.

    While it's clear that today's atheism is very much opposed to Christianity, that does not mean that atheism is ONLY an opposition to Christianity. By definition, atheism is a lack of belief in any god(s), not just the christian God. Even if there were no Abrahamic religions, atheism would still exist. It has always existed, even before religion itself.

  • Atheism has always existed, and exists today in many cultures with different religions

    Atheism exists since antiquity, even before Christianity developed. But not long ago atheism was condemned as if it was a act of heresy in the western world. And even in some parts of the middle east it is still considered a crime. Maybe thats why not many people proclaimed themselves as atheists back then. And therefore gives the false impression of being a new thing of western christian countries, while it is rather a universal concept.

    Also Atheism is predominant in China, a country were people don`t belong to the christian tradition.

  • Atheism predates Christianity.

    The concept of gods is hardly a Christian concept. Atheism has been around as long as man has conceived of gods- the first time a man claimed earthquakes were the wrath of the gods you can be sure another man said "Bull".
    The root of the word atheist is Greek, and the tradition of questioning the gods and skepticism in general dates back thousands of years.

    Christians seem to think they have some magic monopoly on the concept of gods or that atheism is a rejection of their god specifically instead of a lack of belief in ALL gods.

  • Yes because atheism would oppose other religions as well

    Atheism is a belief in no God as their is no way to prove the existence or non existence of one its simply your own personal belief. Even with the absence of Christianity we would still have other religions which would then create a prospect for atheism. It's hard a question to answer and the answer needs a much more thorough description but I hope a brief one helped.

  • Polytheistic not just theism

    Well... Before there was Christianity there were other religions and different beliefs, and basically if there were other religions than someone who didn't believe in any of these religions would have been considered an Atheist at the time. Even without Christianity there would be atheists. However, and hypothetically, if there was ONLY Christianity as the ONLY religion, then my answer would be no, but there is more than one religion in the world so I disagree and say yes.

  • Yes, it would.

    If christianity dissappeared, there would still be so many more religions. Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Daoism, Zoroarostrians, the list goes on and on and on. If christianity disappeared, then another religion would take it's place as the most prominent religion in the world. This religion would most likely be Islam.

  • Yes, it would.

    We're not born Christians, we're not born Jews, we're not born Muslims, we're not born believing in any god or religion. We're all born atheists. Christianity has only existed for 2,000 years. The entire world before religion even existed was atheist. Now, I can say due to the irrationality that Christianity possesses, it CAN lead to atheism and irreligion, but it can also lead to a conversion to another religion.

  • If you think no, you are ignorant. Let me tell you why...

    Atheism is the disbelief in any higher power or deity. This means, even before Christianity there was atheism. I am positive there was at least one person who did not believe in Zeus, or any god in ancient Greece. Anyone who didn't believe in a god was an atheist. Christianity has nothing to do with it.

  • Yes, most definitely.

    Christianity is only one single religion. There are many, many more that exist including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and pagan religions such as Wicca. Atheism is the belief that there is no higher power, force or entity (God). Therefore so long as any one religion exists, atheism will exist. But religion does not have to exist for atheism to exist as again, atheism is merely the belief that there is no higher power, force or entity (God). This can be believed without there being any religions that state that such a higher power, force or entity (God) does exist).

  • If there were no concept of God, there would be no one to oppose it.

    The entire religion of atheism exists in reaction to Christianity. If people didn't believe in God, people wouldn't oppose God, either. It wouldn't be necessary for atheists to assert themselves if Christians didn't exist. None of this is to imply that one religion should go away, it's just a thought.

    Posted by: MC1R
  • Atheism is solely dependant on Christianity

    The Bible says there is only one true God. There are many false religions in the world that originated with a man. Therefore, without Christianity, atheism wouldn't exist because it rejects the existence of God. To oppose any other religion is simply rejecting someone's opinion or false religion. Romans 1:20

  • No, atheism would not exist.

    If there is no Christianity/belief in god/gods, how can there be people who don't believe in it if there is no religion, therefore nothing to believe in? Atheism is the belief that there is no "god" or "gods" who created us, the world, the universe, all of that. So if there is no belief that a divine being (god) created everything, how can there be people who don't believe that, if there is nothing to not believe in?

  • If everyone had a light source on their forehead, we wouldn't need flashlights

    Setting aside my rather irrelevant Headline, the only reason Atheism has become such a big deal, and even a taboo amongst the religiously devout, is, well, because they make it a big deal. It has been my experience that the majority of those who consider themselves atheists, or that I have met in my limited years, at least, do not go around spouting Satanic incantations, mock religion, or sacrificing various animals in the middle of a field with a pentagram transcribed in virgin blood.

    For the most part, they are quite respectful of other's religious beliefs. There are, of course, obvious exceptions, but is the same not true concerning Christianity and other monotheist religions? There are extremes of both sides, and those extremes just love poking fun at each other, and making themselves feel full-out righteous about how inherently correct their beliefs are. Again, this applies to both extremes, both Christian and Athiest.

    That being said, although religion and Christianity in general have historically played an important, prominent and notable role throughout history, the fact of the matter is, it has changed. To look back at evidence, text, accounts of life a century, two, three back, and say that Religion is the same as it was back then would be ignorant. It has always carried implications and opinions for most, and through the gradually increasing human capacity for communication and expression, from the first telegram to the latest Tweet, those opinions, when on one of the two extremes, either religiously devout to the point of zealotry or Atheism to the point of utter disrespect and a lack of consideration at all for the beliefs of others, then you have a situation which highlights both ends.

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