• John Howard put Austrailia on the Map

    John Howard's leadership and personality has made Australia a strong country overall. His leadership was critical into getting involved in world trade and economy. He has brought many jobs to his country and continues to provide many resources to other countries need. Australia will continue to grow because of John Howard's actions.

  • Australia Owes John Howard a debt

    John Howard has been a leader in Australia for more than a few decades. He served one of those entire decades as the prime minister. Before that he was a key economist for the Australian government. Without his tax reform policies and decentralized wage reform, the expansion of industry and ultimately the Australian economy, Australia very well may still be barely beyond Third-World classification.

  • Leadership of John Howard

    I personally think that Australia is as prominent as it is today because of the leadership of John Howard. I personally think that Australia is as prominent as it is today because of John Howard's legacy of following dreams he thought people would not have considered. John Howard wanted to share his leadership with others.

  • Australia is prominent no matter what.

    Yes, Australia would be as prominent as it is today, even without the leadership of John Howard, because Australia has some things that make it naturally prominent. That it is an English-speaking nation makes it prominent. Its large land mass makes it prominent. It's natural beauty and the Outback make it prominent. It would be all these things with or without John Howard.

  • It would still be a stereotypical punch line without Howard.

    Australia was already fairly prominent culturally on a global scale, even if it was thanks to the kitschy Crocodile Dundee stuff from the 80s. But John Howard allowed the country to be taken seriously, especially with the Summer Olympics from Sydney and lifting it out of a crippling recession. He did a lot for the country.

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