Would background checks have stopped the Sandy Hook shooter?

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  • The guns were purchased legally by the shooter's mom!

    The person that purchased the guns used in Sandy Hook went through background checks and purchased them legally. He didn't purchase them at a gun show with no background check. If assault rifles were not available to anyone he would have had to use less deadly weapons and lives would have been spared.

  • Not at all.

    I love the fact that people think you have to have a background to commit a crime like this. More often than not, hit's just an average person who just snapped. I mean, honestly how can that be the only reason why? People can just snap and that's about it.

  • Not entirely.

    While background checks would have slowed down the shooter, and ideally would have also triggered a sense of worry in others, it wouldn't have stopped him. His mother had access to guns, and a clean record. It is fairly obvious that he took some of her perfectly legal guns and used them for his purposes.

  • No, he did not actually purchase the guns.

    A background check only works when the individual legally buys a firearm and has a documented history of mental illness. While the Sandy Hook shooter was mentally ill, he did not purchase the guns; he stole them from his mother. Because his mother was sane a background check would have still resulted in her purchasing the guns and the attack occurring.

  • No they would not have.

    The Sandy Hook shooter stole the guns from his mother. His mother had a very clean history and would have been able to pass a background check easily. If the shooter was even old enough to purchase the guns himself he would have been able to pass a background check as he had no prior crimes committed or incarcerations.

  • Sadly, no it would not

    More laws will not stop the people who are already breaking them. When a tragedy such as this occurs, people want to DO something, and making another law seems to be the only strategy that makes sense to many. The number one reason that Sandy Hook occurred was because Mr. Lanza was mentally ill. Let's start there.

  • Nothing makes sense any more

    First the mother of the murder was registered to have the weapon. So how would background check's help the deter these horrible crimes. In all cases were a maniac' goes crazy and starts shutting up places, such as movie theaters, colleges, and even and army base; they all seem to have had a clearenece for a deadly weapon, because they have a clean criminal background check. The problem is no one wants to give , or mention psychological evaluation. What kills me about america, we believe that because a person doesn't have a criminal record they are less likely is to comment a crime. My question is how do people with criminal records get records? O..Yeah they commit CRIMES...

  • No, the mother bought the guns and ammo.

    Let's quit kidding ourselves, this was caused by poor parenting. The mother is to blame, she purchased the guns and ammo then keep them away from her child she knew was unstable. No gun law would have stopped Sandy Hook - just better parenting. Don't take away my rights because of poor parenting.

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