Would banning abortion actually limit the number of abortions performed?

Asked by: Godgirl
  • Yes, but it will put more women at risk

    I think it would probably reduce the number of abortions dramatically, but it would do so at the expense of women's health. Not that abortion is normally done for women's health, but it would force them to go to "back alley" clinics who wouldn't have the supplies nor the ability to consistently perform safe abortions, Many more women (and their fetuses) would die. Even with all our medical advancements, some women do die getting an abortion.

  • It wouldn't be perfect

    But . . . Making abortions illegal would at least make fewer people have them. I'm not dumb. I know that regardless of whether or not they're legal. But pregnant women would be reluctant to get an abortion if they were illegal or unsafe. If abortions are less available, they'll be less common.

  • People would learn from history

    Although, some will still attempt to perform abortions dangerously, they would look at the number of deaths from when abortion was illegal before. However, why should a reason not to ban abortions be based off of someone's personal decision to put their life in danger? They know what they're signing up for, and should know the possible consequences. No one is forcing them to get an abortion, they are choosing to put their own lives at risk. Those few will not balance out to the thousands of women who perform abortions on a daily basis in the United States.

  • Time for some logic.

    If something is illegal to do then obviously people are less likely to do it. I mean if it was legal to steal then people would be stealing left and right. For some reason people think that if something becomes illegal that people would then just automatically revert to an illegal form of the previously legal action, but that makes no sense. After the change in the legality of the action there would be consequences if they did the action. There would be reason to not do the action.

  • Look at Prohibition

    When you have unjust laws, they will be broken in force. Just look at prohibition. Did banning alcohol lower drinking rates? I think that is debatable looking at history. It just hid drinking rates and pushed it into dark corners. It also opened the US up to underground markets and the mentality that breaking laws is okay, both of which have proliferated to this day.

    It is indisputable that banning abortion will cause suffering. A quick google search pulls up stories of ER doctors working before Roe v Wade and the women coming in with perforated uteri, sepsis, and other ailments due to self-performed abortions. You can also do a quick google search to find the suffering women have endured in states with 20 week abortion bans. Women with dead fetuses and infections are left to "get worse;" the law only allows abortion to "save" a woman's life (regardless of the fetus's health), and thus a women must be at her death bed to finally act. Women are left to bleed out getting blood transfusion after blood transfusion waiting for the heart-beat of the fetus to finally stop so they can end the madness. It is truly horrible and scary that we would subject not only women but fetuses to this madness. If you really believe a fetus feels pain, bleeding out for days while your host gets blood transfusions is incredibly cruel!

    You only have to look at countries with harsh abortion laws to see that maternal and infant mortality increase in such cases. It is an unsettling statistic, but predictable given human history and the desire to control one's own body (I see Godgirl going around saying "but it isn't your body" and I say that if anyone gets inside my body, I have a right tot kick them out. I don't care if you need my body to live, just get out. Who puts up with this? Really? ).

  • People find ways

    Alcohol is illegal for anyone under 21 but people still find ways to get it. People would still find ways to get abortions. Maybe even do it themselves. I think it is a womans desision to do things with her body, not the governments. Fdirjfjiofjrefij iofjjif oijfrsj iojf ijdf d

  • Limit abortions, or deaths?

    Studies show that there is increased infant and maternal mortality when abortions are severely restricted or banned outright. While some is due to women seeking their own illegal abortions (a woman who doesn't want to be pregnant is more akin to an animal that will chew off its own leg to free itself from a snare than a hamster that just accepts its cage), many more are due to doctors unable to properly care for at risk women. The US already has poor maternal and neonate outcomes compared to other industrialized nations. I really don't want to see it get worse!

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