Would banning assault weapons inhibit civil liberties?

  • Yes it would

    The Second Amendment protects the right of mentally sane law abiding citizens to own whatever kind of small arm they please. We are forgetting the Second Amendment is not about hunting or even self defense from criminals. It is for protection against a tyrannical government. Even if we didn't have the Second Amendment, I still believe it would inhibit civil liberties to ban them from mentally sane law abiding citizens.

  • Yes it would.

    Contrary to belief, the 2nd amendment allows the people to have military grade weapons, but our wimpified 21st century society is too immature to handle that. The right to own an AR15 is included in the 2nd amendment. Here's a good solution for all of you anti-gun tards. Don't like guns, go move to California with all the other anti gunners and leave the responsible citizens alone.

  • This is to throw us off track

    They are using this attack on the Constitution so we aren't looking at their outrageous spending, their inability to balance the budget and the other legislation slipping thru to destroy the middle class. Lets add the fact that for all the posturing it won't change the danger in our schools one bit.

  • 2nd Amendment

    The constitution says people are free to carry weapons. The express purpose is so that armed rebellion against the state is possible. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots. The current cronies and kleptocrats that rule America are tyrants. The people must not be deprived of their 2nd amendment rights so that we, as patriots, may rise up against them and refresh the tree of liberty.

  • What is an assault rifle?

    At this point in time, there is no definition to what constitutes an assault rifle. Therefore, if the government bans "assault rifles", they can change what an assault rifle is at any point in time. Personally, I don't want to give the government that power. And just a thought to ponder, but if we get invaded by Iran or North Korea or another country (not saying that it will happen but if it does...) wouldn't it be best to be prepared? I would certainly want an assault rifle. Also, there ARE some things that some people want an assault rifle to hunt with and that SHOULD BE their right. I say time and time again that if you outlaw assault rifles or make them harder to get or even ban guns- all you are banning them from are law-abiding citizens. CRIMINALS will get the guns one way or another. So yes. I find this an infringement on my civil liberties (second amendment). I also find it a bit offensive.

  • Yes, it is an attack on the 2nd amendment.

    Banning assault weapons is a slow step in trying to undo the second amendment. Americans have a right to bear arms and groups who oppose guns are trying to find a loophole to this amendment by making guns both weaker and harder to purchase. The proper way to deal with gun violence is to make it harder for criminals and the mentally ill to get guns. It is not to start outlawing them.

  • No, assault weapons really have no useful application.

    An assault weapon is hardly useful unless one likes to just see it sitting there in your gun cabinet. You do not hunt with an assault weapon, nor do you procure food with one. There are few scenarios where having one would much increase your safety. Our 2nd amendment rights are important to protect, but defending one type of gun that most typically only gets used in spurts of violence is not necessary to protect our civil liberties.

  • Not especially

    I like how to the left of me banning something doesn't make it harder for people to obtain it, fantastic logic there. In any event, what makes a weapon qualify as an assault weapon largely has to do with what's attached to it and not its fire capacity, so no, it is not. Gun nuts need to be willing to budge a little for once, it is vomit inducing that they still will not with how commonplace this is.

  • Why do you need an assault rifle in a domestic area?

    What many people would say is "for self defense" yet if you are confronted by someone, your not gonna pull an m16 out of your back pocket! you would use a small weapon, or hopefully no weapon at all! Banning assault rifles would cause a great decrease in deaths. We do not need to outlaw the gun sales altogether, but we need to get high powered weapons off the streets!

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