Would Banning Burqas And Islamic Veils Help In The Fight Against Terrorism?

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  • It will make things worse

    All you would be doing is shutting out a culture and that would give ISIS ammunition against their opposition. They could easily say that you nor your culture is welcomed and it would be better appreciated at ISIS, it wouldn't stop terrorists from attacking anyway you're just making innocent people suffer.

  • Help in the Fight Against Terrorism?

    Banning burqas and Islamic veils would not help in the fight against terrorism. It would offend those who practice peaceful Islam, as well as potentially encourage those against Islam to engage in acts of violence. Extreme acts of religion should never be used to combat other extreme acts of religion.

  • No, banning burqas and veils would not help fight terrorism

    Burqas and Islamic Veils are part of the religious practice of many Muslim women. Many Muslim women chose to wear these items. Forcing women out of burquas and veils is as demeaning as forcing them to wear them. It again, merely tells women what to do, without providing them with the opportunity to decide for themselves, which is exactly how religious extremists treat them. To truly deal a blow to religious extremists, giving women the CHOICE would be more effective.

  • No, burning burqas and Islamic veils will not help in the fight against terrorism.

    No, burning burqas and Islamic veils will not help in the fight against terrorism because these acts will only serve to inflame the Islamic population and cause further discrimination and violent attacks against Muslims. The actions of a few Islamic terrorist organizations shouldn't affect all Muslim people because the religion has been corrupted by a few bad groups.

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