Would being able to make things as easily as in Minecraft be good?

Asked by: Twinleaf
  • Better crafting better world!

    Well if it was like minecraft then that would go to no air messed up by chemicals or oceans or anything it would be better and simpler to be advanced and it would allow Americans to get back to trying to find a way to stop being so hostile :D!

  • MC is epic

    The American economy wouldn't be a thing and Isis could launch any more missles and try to eliminate us until America is wiped off the face of the earth and never heard of again. Plus you could change how you look any time you would like to change it. :P

  • Its more efficient

    Ok so if we could build things in real life as easily as we can in minecraft then maybe we would be in a state of debt and Americans can get up and punch a tree to build there own house. No more need of money just a system of trade, thats the good system.

  • Easier is better

    If things were easier then we would waste much less money and be able to take care of ourselves much more easily. Because of today's economic configuration, most people don't even question how certain things work or how to fix them until the things break. Even then, most people just pay the person and don't ask any questions or anything. Even if the handyman or tinkerer tries to give advice, some just don't listen.

  • We become more lazy

    Minecraft is a fictional life. In reality the more we don't want to struggle, the less healthy we will be. If building a house or a building was easy there will be no construction workers, no engineers, most importantly no jobs. Aside from building houses other things made easy will make us lazy. For example in the movie wall-e people looked very unhealthy. With all that technology that made their life easier, the forgot to do basic things. All they did was sat there, and watch TV. They did not know how to walk, and they even forgot how to plant. Overall, making things easily will be the downfall of humanity.

  • It's a crafting game:

    The entire purpose lies in it's difficulty to do simple things. The more complex the components the longer you'll play so the greater the value for you, the player, when it comes down to it particularly because there is no further reason to ever play the game other than to craft ... Stuff.

  • L o l

    Right now, I need you to do me a favor. GO OUTSIDE PUNCH DOWN A TREE AND MAKE ME A NEW SHOVEL. Another example; *in class* *teacher walks up* "Did you do your homework on CRAFTING your own painting?"
    Step 1- get shears and shear sheep
    Step 2- cut down a tree, make sticks
    Step 3- shove them together

    THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!

    Lol The fact that I only wrote this to waste your time lol. ;)

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