• However, in a morally correct world..,

    In an ideal world , Ben Carson would make an ideal President, but our world was is far from wholesome & healthy. Our world is so fallen and morally corrupt that a man standing for good values, almost has no place in this fallen society..., Here in America, everything now seems to be upside down....Right is wrong and wrong is the new right. Sadly, Ben Carson is just spinning his wheels with this current election....However, soon America will be able to understand this man's plight to salvage some morality in our fallen world...

  • Is fully capable.

    Ben Carson throughout his career has shown that he is a fully capable individual who has accomplished more than most other people. The most important quality for a present is that they can handle the stress of the job, which could be similar to Carson's work as a surgeon. While the other key skill is to take advise from many sources and make well advised choices, which exactly the kind of thing that Carson would have dealt with before an operation.

  • He is Stupid

    1) He thinks America was founded upon as a theocracy.

    2) He says that Obama is secretly working to impose martial law so he cans stay in office forever.

    3) He says his religious beliefs are so strong, he doesn't believe in the conclusions of science, like Evolution.

    4) He once tried to make the claim the Michelle Obama is a hypocrite, because she secretly goes to McDonald's everyday, with no evidence to back that up.

    5) He wants America to go to war with the three biggest threats to America, Russia, China, and North Korea.

  • Better than Trump, but still not qualified

    Ben Carson achieved amazing things in the medical field, but outside that, he is not very intelligent. Carson has little to no political experience, and this could be a problem with Isis on the rise, and with domestic issues of our own. Also, don't think Carson is do smart; Carson believes that the pyramids were used to store grain, and tried to counter Trump's lower energy argument by saying he tried to stab someone. Sure, Ben Carson is better than Trump, but does this man really deserve to be president?

  • No, Ben Carson would not be a good president.

    No, Ben Carson would not be a good president. Ben Carson is not suited to be president of the United States. He has never been elected into a public office which is important in order to determine if the candidate could handle the pressures of being a political figure. He is also consistently proven to be lying or making false statement and accusations made to instill fear into the population. He makes outlandish statements, such as comparing the Affordable Care Act to slavery, or stating that victims of violent mass shootings "should have" fought back, that are irresponsible and offensive and show how unfit and unready he is to be president.

  • Ben Carson - Not the Best Choice

    While Ben Carson would definitely be a better president than a human garbage can like Donald Trump, Ben Carson is still definitely not even close to the best choice for president. The best presidential choice, by far, is Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders actually cares about what the people want, and does his job as senator while campaigning.

  • Ben Carson has no experience.

    While I like Ben Carson, I do not think he has the skills necessary to run a country. In my opinion, we already have a non politician in the White House who is not doing a great job. What we need right now is a strong leader who knows how to use the political wheel to get the job done. Ben Carson has no political experience.

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