• Yes, Ben Carson has qualities a leader requires.

    Yes, Ben Carson would make a good president. I believe that Ben Carson would make a good president because he cares about people and the well being of our country. Being a former pediatric neurosurgeon, Ben Carson has proven that he can work under pressure. Since he has never been involved in politics, his judgement is not clouded with a political agenda.

  • Yes, Ben Carson would make a good president.

    Ben Carson is a very good person and has lot of potential to prove himself as a great president. His successful career as a neurosurgeon explains his great qualities and talent. People love him for what he is. A good person with many good qualities like him would make a good president.

  • Time for a newcomer of change.

    Ben Carson would make a great President because in my opinion he is a newcomer with a fresh pair of eyes. He is not afraid to speak his mind and Mr. Carson has never run for public office and I strongly believe this country needs someone with a new and different perspective of the way this country should run not to mention his strong stance of a flat tax oppose to the tax structure right now.

  • Injection of religion

    Personally, I don't care if a person running for president (or any other office) is a Christian, Satanist, Buddhist, Muslim, or Flying Spaghetti Monster. Religion should not be injected into politics any more than using the office to inject sex into it (sorry, Bill). When people think they are doing god's work then they are less likely to compromise, which is needed in politics. Absolutism has no place.

  • Ben Carson wouldn't make a good president because he lacks experience and knowledge.

    Ben Carson seems like a decent guy but when it comes to actually running a country he falls in the same category of Donald Trump. Most of his campaign is a lot of blank statements about things that he has no definitive knowledge of or a means to make them happen. Being the president means more than just saying the other person is wrong. It requires a knowledge and understanding on how to make the country a better place to live and there hasn't really been a candidate who has shown that.

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