• Sincerity, continuity in social platforms, demands change in the status quo.

    Bernie has continually come out in support of better conditions for the working class.
    He wants to keep America out of war and demands justice for those who have served our country and yet have been denied help in readjusting to civilian life.
    He wants to expand social security not cut it.

  • "Democratic" Socialism is still Socialism, like it or not

    We've seen Socialism in action before. It's been tried with many different leaders, and each time, it failed. All Bernie Sanders does is shout about the establishment and the oh-so-oppressed minority groups in America while promising free college, free healthcare, and more free stuff. Spoiler alert: "free" really means taxpayer-funded. All the younger people who want Bernie to win won't be so enthusiastic once they grow older and have to pay the taxes themselves. Though I like his rebellious spirit, that's about the only positive presidential trait I can find in him.

  • One word: Socialist!

    I don't think I need to say a whole lot when you look at Sanders background. It may be better than Hillary Clinton, but not by much. It'll still lead America on the wrong path. I'm not taking the risk with someone who thinks climate change causes terrorism when in reality it does not!

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