Would Bernie Sanders make the Best President ever?

Asked by: billsands
  • I do not like when people write too much

    So I vote yes because the person who voted no wrote too much that I can fit nearly three arguments from 3 different person to his paragraph. Socialism does work! You just have to embrace it wholeheartedly, Like you embrace you life and live with what you got, Not envy.

  • I know he is old but

    Other than being old he is perfect. He was a college professor and he's from Vermont and i saw a study that said Vermont is like the best state to live in so good job Bernie. He says he is a Socialist but that not exactly correct, He is moderately Social Democratic, A very different animal, He isnt about destroying capitalism and creating a socialist sate, He merely wants to reform the negative aspects of a very productive system. . I agree with his policies. . And that Denmark is a great ideal to shoot for. . But that isnt Socialism, Its just a more humane version of the market system. We get to hung up on words.

  • Socialism doesn't work.

    It has been tried time and time again all over the world and it either ends badly or continues to cause the society to crumble. Ever read Animal Farm? Sure, It starts as sounding like equality for all but before too long, Some are considered more equal. Those in political power thrive while everyone else suffers.
    Looking at some of the campaign promises of some make it sound so nice. They want free healthcare, College educations, Even welfare for all. Just think, All your worries about having to work hard just to pay bills would be gone. Sounds nice, Right? Here is the problem. Just to finance free healthcare would take up our entire budget. We would probably have to triple it or more. This means tripling taxes. Thing is, If people don't have to work, Why would they especially if the vast majority goes right back to the government to fund others who don't. Tho some may choose high paying jobs like doctor, Lawyer, Etc but who's going to do the other needed jobs like janitor, Teacher, Or police officer. The reality is, A vast number of people will just choose to be unemployed, At least officially. This means even fewer people to pay the much higher taxes causing the government to raise them even higher. That would add to the incentive not to work and repeating the process. Sure, They could try to tax the people who are already wealthy but that will just cause the same situation that happened with industry when their taxes got raised too high. They would just move to another country with lower taxes leaving just the poor slobs who want to work to suffer with all the bad and thankless jobs. Who won't be fleeing or suffering? Those in power. They will be sure to have their lives well taken care of much like they do now. The people will stand in line for food as they sit in their government funded palaces eating chef prepared meals. Everyone will suffer equally, Except those who are more equal.

  • Democratic Socialism? How about no?

    Far right governments have killed a crap ton of people, Reduced the peoples freedom and also destroyed the culture of their respective nations. Add to that the fact that Bernie is poor and old, And you get an instant no no. Hell, I would argue that Hillary is better than him!

  • Bernie Sanders isn't technically a socialist.

    Now I know I just made a big claim, But it is true. Socialism is to seize the means of production which is industry, Farming, Fishing, And others. He wants to basically take way more money from rich people and give it to the poor which is a socialist policy, But one policy doesn't make you a socialist. Last about his false claims he said that we should be more like the "socialist" Scandinavian countries. After he said that the Danish PM said we are not socialist we have some socialist policy's, But we are a capitalist country. Now would he be a good president, Well besides the fact he would probably die halfway through I don't think he would. Lets say he does tax the rich way more than the poor well all the rich would just pack their stuff and leave. A good example California more people are emigrating than immigrating and being born. Let me put it this way if we were to pay everyone the same Bernie would do this if he was a socialist whats the point of working harder then you have to? What is the point of innovating if you don't gain anything? Everyone would just do whats required and never work harder and our society would slowly stagnant and eventually collapse from the masses wanting more. The reason is a human always wants more to make life better for themselves.

  • Socialism is theft.

    Socialism (democratic socialism or whatever you want to call it) is not only economically flawed, But it is flawed on a moral level as well. Whereas charity is about a civic duty, Socialism revolves around other people's right to your money. The government will tax your hard-earned money and redistribute to people that are poor, Regardless on if it's their fault for their poverty or not. This is simply wrong, Because it removes any incentive to work, And if no one wants to work, No one gets any money.

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  • Socialism is stupid

    If you want America to down spiral into the economic climate of Venezuela, Vote for Bernie. If you want communist regime to overtake our country, Vote for Bernie. If you want oppression, And many of our rights taken away, Vote for Bernie. If you want a president that endorsed the Soviets during the cold war, Vote for Bernie. If you want a president in favor of AOC's green new deal, Vote for Bernie. Finally, If you want the unemployment rate of 3. 6 achieved under the Trump presidency to skyrocket, Vote for Bernie.

  • Socialism doesn't work, Hasn't worked, And will never work EVER

    Many people like to claim that Bernie Sanders is not socialist, But he does carry their values, So technically he is. And if he does become president, Taxes will become ever higher because he supports free medicare, Free college, Free everything. But nothing is ever free. The cost? It comes out of your paycheck, Which means you become way more dependent on your job, But you can't earn as much money. At least we have capitalism, Beautiful capitalism.

  • He won't be given the chance

    Ultimately, Both the Constitution and the Two-Party system limit restrict how radical as President can be. Most of a President's power to implement a domestic agenda depends on Congress, And that tends to rely on having the same party supporting him.

    If Sanders became President and the Congress has a Republican majority in both chambers, The Republicans will spend the entire term obstructing him and making noise about "Socialism" like they did when Obama was president (and probably would have done had Clinton won in 2016).

    If Sanders became President and the Congress had a Democratic majority, There would still be serious problems. Most Democrats are probably to the right of Sanders and could well oppose many of his positions, Particularly if they urge the need for bipartisanship.

    As far as I know, Sanders has said very little about what he'd do to either defence or foreign policy, Despite the fact that is most of the President's job description. So, Without the support of Congress, It's not clear exactly what he'd actually do in the executive branch of government.

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