• Yes, free speech doesn't cover hate.

    People are afraid that the blocking of certain web sites is going to take away our freedom of speech, but there are many things that can not be said out loud in a free society and so there are many things that should not be said on line and it is right to block access to extremist, hate filled web sites.

  • In some ways

    Honestly, it might be a good thing. While keeping the internet free is of paramount importance overall in the world, this is mostly due to the idea that information should be freely transmitted. On extremist sites, very little is actually true, but they could have a very disturbing and awful effect on youth.

  • Yes, it would hinder the flow of information.

    Yes, blocking access to extremist websites would be beneficial. By restricting access to these sites, the flow of information would be disrupted. This could prevent people from getting ideas that could lead to terrorist acts and the loss of innocent human life. National security and protecting American citizens should always trump the freedom of speech.

  • Yes, blocking access to extremist websites is a good thing.

    I think that being able to block access to extremists websites would be a good thing. It would help society from having to deal with the problems and issues associated with the information on some extremist websites. But with that said, I do not believe that it should be done.

  • Who's definition of extremist?

    Extremist is a very broad term that can be applied to just about anything that the person/s blocking access can apply with their own bias. We've already seen evidence of this in the owners of Face book and Twitter blocking and or deleting pages and tweets that do not agree with their political agenda. And with the rise of so called hate speech, Which as far as I can tell is anything that somebody doesn't like someone saying, Freedom of speech is being eroded on every side.

  • We don't need censorship

    We don't need to be blocking much of anything on the internet, because it is a short jump to blocking more and more stuff. Even if we don't agree with the culture around it, we don't need to block it. It would be great if we could get people to troll them though.

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