Would capitalism be worse than pure communism working the way Marx intended?

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  • Anything is better than Communism - EVEN Capitalism!

    Marxist Communism has never been interpreted the way it was meant to be. When it comes interpreting Communism and Capitalism they are never interpreted in a way that helps the people. Government officials make sure that their interpretation benefits Fat Cat Corporate Cronies and not Ma and Pa running the Family Store.

  • Capitalism Is Worse

    I believe capitalism is worse than pure communism, especially the way Marx intended. I believe both systems have good principals, but capitalism plays like a game where the last person standing has all the money in their pocket. It's like a global game of monopoly when unchecked. Communism works on social responsibility, which can be tougher to deal with, but at least it represents humans as individual important. Communism is less likely to cause strata and social classes.

  • No, because Marx was wrong

    Capitalism is the lesser of the evils when compared to communism whether it follows Marx's vision or not. Communistic ideas can work well in small cooperative contained societies but human nature will never let it work well as an absolute on a grand scale. We need to keep greed in the hands of where it belongs and that is with the people. If only the government officials have the ability to acquire wealth (which is how it would end up), then the people become nothing more than slaves to the government with no personal motivation to excel.

  • Capitalism is richness.

    No, capitalism is not worse than pure communism working the way Marx intended, because the way that Marx intended does not work any better than communism has ever worked. Communism has been tried countless times all over the world. It doesn't work. Capitalism is the only want to have riches, because people want to work.

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