• More Stress Isn't Needed

    Students are so stressed already at school, and their is absolutely no reason to extend that to home. There should be at least one place in a child's life where they can experience a stress-free environment, and free time to relax. Homework cuts in on that. It's really not necessary.

  • Here is scientific proof:

    Although some might say homework helps kids practice responsibility, many kids wont do their homework.Also, homework releases stress hormones into your body which makes you stressed.People might say"eh, stress is not a big deal".However, stress damages your brain so it makes it harder to learn. That is why not only kids, but students of all types would learn more with less homework. And by less homework, I do not mean one page less, I mean a lot of pages less.

  • Yes: Children Would Learn More With Less Homework

    After basic math and language skills are acquired, much of school is about teaching kids to obey authority and produce predictable results. Children aren't so much learning in school as they are being molded to behave in a manner expedient to an exploitative society. Given to their own devices, children may or may not learn much, but at least they would be guided more by personal interest and, under some direction, may be able to learn things they otherwise would have been forced to overlook.

  • It's a reinforcement.

    No, children would not actually learn more with less homework, because they would not have time to reinforce the things that they are learning in the classroom. With homework, a student can take the work and make it his or her own, by making sure that they have mastered the material.

  • No They Don't

    My son is in second grade and apparently he has a teacher that is anti-homework. The results have not been good. I don't feel like my son has really learned anything this year in school. He has improved his reading level and has memorized math facts, but that is about it. I think less homework means less learning. I know our local school system is bad off but I think its worse than the people in the community actually want to admit.

  • Children forget most of the stuff they learn when they leave school

    No, I do not believe that children will learn more with less homework. Most kids do a data dump when they leave the classroom. They do want to or cannot remember anything has to do with the work that was done within the class. Homework reiterates what the child may not have retained when they were in class.

  • No, children would not learn more with less homework.

    I do not think that children would actually learn more with less homework. I think that homework can be a good thing for children. It helps them to learn responsibility and goals. But I also think that too much homework can hurt kids as well. It is important to find a balance.

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