Would Chris Christie be a great president?

Asked by: Tilar
  • Christie would be a president with strong opinions

    Chris Christie would be a good president who would change the United States greatly. He may be a bit overweight. His opinions on the economy and politics are well supported by many people. I do not think that there would be much hate if he decides to run for president.

  • He lost credibility with the conservative base and independent voters

    Before January 2014, Chris Christie was a star. A mainstream conservative from a Northeastern blue state, he had appeal with disgruntled Democrats and with some Tea Party Republicans who liked his budget approach from 2010-2012 NJ crisis. Now, Christie is seen as toxic, lying, and unacceptable to grassroots conservatives. If elected, he may not have the support of grassroots conservatives, the voters he needs to win the GOP nomination-and the general election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

  • He displays elements of toxicity in his leadership

    Christie's conduct during the last election raises serious issues about both his ethic and style of leadership. No one thinks that politics isn't vicious at times, but there is an element in Christie's conduct that crosses the pale. Not only do we have overt retribution on display for the failure of members of a different political party on display - attempting to control who someone endorses vs. Matters of policy and implementation - but we also have the way former aides were both cultivated and then handled in the aftermath of the incident.

    To deliberately put political hacks in place who policy was influenced out of loyalty rather than professionalism, a cult of personality around Christie, the claims of ignorance, and the dumping of officials who appeared to be fully in compliance with his policies. How someone gets to the point where they create a four day traffic jam for thousands of people? To settle a score?

    We want that behavior at the National Level do we?

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