• Of course, Definitely

    It would be good to have christie to be president. He is a good alternative to trump for the republicans. Let christie get into the general election in 2016 because i think he is a great man to be our next president. So everbody support chtis christie in 2016 YEAH!

  • Yes for chris christie

    Run is something you don't associate with Chris Christie, but he has the right to enter the race. Any time a politician has to say he is not a bully, he probably is. Bridgegate is the least of his problems in trying to get the GOP nomination when the party is going through a purification process. The overall findings underscore the degree to which the contest for the GOP nomination in 2016 is as wide open as any in the modern era. The poll found that there is no obvious beneficiary to Christie’s problems within the party or Jeb Bush’s apparent problem with the wider elec­torate. Many of those thinking about running have made little impression on the general public and in some cases they are not even well known among Republicans.

  • No, he would not

    I personally, don't like him. It is more than just different political and philosophical ideologies. Lincoln said "Government for the people, by the people, for the people shall no perish from the Earth." As a government official you have a duty to the people and to do as they say. You don't command and dictate over them. In an example, 2012 Christie voted a same-sex marriage bill despite the vast majority of New Jerseyans supporting the bill. He acts like his opinion weighs more than the majority's. He said 'let the people vote' which is ironic because it is no secret that New Jersey supports same-sex marriages. We have strongly for years. It is not news to him that we do yet he had the audacity to say "nay" to the bill. In 2013, he tried to appeal to the supreme court of New Jersey after the superior court declared that civil unions are not equal to marriages and is unconstitutional for it to be illegal. Again, the majority were glad and happy but Christie went to appeal but dropped the appeal because it was a lost cause. Republican, Democratic and independent judges all supported same-sex marriages; it would have been unanimously voted to be legalized and he would also would have lost the reelection because the people would have remembered that he didn't support gay marriage. When your a council member, a mayor, a governor, or the president, your duty is to the people; not your religion or any cause- you work for the people. I also don't support him because he banned telsa cars in a worsening economy. It is not wise to run business out of your country or state; he banned the cars and that means no growing economy and no jobs being made. Christie is a bully that misused millions of dollars in funds from Hurricane Sandy Campaign and from tax funds to pay for his 1 million dollar lawyer to clear his name. He is no better than the rest of the politicians; dirty lying crook.

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